In 2008 I posted about a lego Mario…well, it’s 4 years on and this massive (75cm high) piece of Mario lego mastery has appeared!

The creator, Keith Brogan, has set it nicely next to his model to show the size difference. Keith used the NextEngine 3D scanner to scan a model Mario and then built a big one using lego. Cool right?

(Click to enlarge)

super mario lego v2

Model being scanned

super mario lego model scan

The wire frame result

super mario lego wire frame

super_mario lego v2 4

Lego Mario under construction…

super mario lego under construction

2 Responses to “Lego Mario V2”
  1. NoinaYoshi says:

    wtf mario has no head

  2. shadow says:

    He has no head because he’s showing you the process of making mario; he’s not finished there.

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