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12 July, 2008 | 1,027 comments


Wii world neeeds a good avartar and I’m on the subject now, more information will be posted later.

Anyway a few images for you all:

No, this is not some new buzz game, it’s a drum set for wii. It from the game rock band for wii!

Yep, as you can see, singing and Guitar playing are also in it! And they have a skin for it on the wii!

I think I might just get into this bit, time for me to get my nose wet.

True fake, but there will never be another mario kart game on wii, another one will likely come out in the next nintnedo materpiece!

Awww, Cute, no?

My pokemon ranch? True I do like pokemon now but this game is out on wii world and after reading the info on it, I think this game takes the aim of the game for pokemon out and burns it! You don’t catch, train or battle pokemon!

Doctor Mario and germ buster!

Great game I’ll tell you that, and it’s for wi-Fi! Woot woot for mario. Germ buster is in more brain training. (hit the last training game it;s at the bottom and it’s not unlockable by playing the game a number of times, no you have to tap it to unlock it, cool, eh?) And all this and Doctor mario is on wii ware!

Ok, images and wii ware are cleared up how about a top tip!

Top Tip!

For wii shopping channel

Free wii points? no! Yes! Well sorta! You don’t have to pay, this is what you do in steps!

First join Nintendo.com, a place that lets you enter codes you get in your box on your DS games and Wii games. You get stars for that. Now click buy wii points with stars, and join that. After you have to go and connect your wii shop channel to the nintendo channle and you can find that in options on the wii shop channel. After a few days click the link you the wii points shop again and log in. You should beable to buy wii points with stars! You get them and they give you the code, go onto the shoping channel and click redeem wii points and put in the code. Done and dusted, mind you it DOES work and I have got Super  Mario bros 2 because of it!!!

No real updates for wii but the nintendo channel is avilable. I don’t know if you have to conect your wii to the nintendo website to get it but info time!

On this channel you can watch videos of new games, about wii ware newst relieses ect. You can also find basic info on game, wright feedback and download demos for your ds!  Great fun it is, and now you can try out agame before buying it!

Thats all for now, and thank you for reading wii world!

1,027 comments to “W-W-Wii!”

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