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30 June, 2008 | 286 comments

Another update for your wii, Action replay and colour change.

I would have posted this sooner but I was away all week-end but who cares, really? :D

Anyway, found a few more videos!


http://youtube.com/watch?v=yVAaz9vFdSo  wtf?!

http://youtube.com/watch?v=2sbU4sSlu7I&feature=related A wii Laptop!

http://youtube.com/watch?v=F8mZGDFDceU&feature=related Lego Wii!

http://youtube.com/watch?v=CkS2DJ6VX_g Another wii add, I like the picture of fire flowers on the wall!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwmzUewkU2M&feature=user Bralw! I neeeed it!


Ok, now, top tip time!

Todays Top tip/s is for….

 Lego Indiana Jones

Type the following codes for charecters on the black board!

04EM94 Barranca
CHN3YU Belloq (desert)
TDR197 Belloq (jungle)
VEO29L Belloq (priest)
8246RB Boxer
VJ5TI9 British officer
DJ5I2W British troop
B73EUA British troop commander
VJ3TT3 Captain Katanga
ENW936 Chatterlal
3NK48T Chucin
2K9RKS Colonel Dietrich
8EAL4H Colonel Vogel
C7EJ21 Dancing girl
12N68W Desert digger
2MK45O Desert enemy officer
N48SF0 Desert masked bandit
3RF6YJ Desert monkey man
4NSU7Q Desert soldier
1MK4RT Desert swordsman
3NFTU8 Donovan
JSNRT9 Dr. Schneider (desert)
VMJ5US Dr. Schneider (officer)
S93Y5R Enemy Bazookaman
MK83R7 Enemy bazookaman (different from above)
VJ48W3 Enemy butler
1MF94R Enemy communications officer
VJ7R51 Enemy guard
YR47WM Enemy guard (Nepal)
572E61 Enemy officer
B84ELP Enemy pilot
V75YSP Fedora
0GIN24 First mate
NE6THI Grail knight
H0V1SS Hovitos tribesman
VJ85OS Indiana Jones (officer)
4J8S4M Indiana Jones disguised
24PF34 Jungle guide
WMO46L Kaokan
3M29TJ Kazim (desert)
NRH23J Kazim (Venice)
2NK479 Laoche
NFK5N2 Maharaja
13NS01 Major Toht
FJUR31 Mola Ram
2NKT72 Pankot assassin
VN28RH Pankot guard
KD48TN Punjabi dignitary
4682E1 Punjabi village elder
VJ37WJ Sherpa brawler
ND762W Sherpa gunner
0E3ENW Slave child
VM683E Thuggee
CNH4RY Thuggee Chatterlal
T2R3F9 Thuggee priest
VBS7GW Thuggee slavedriver
VK93R7 Willie DJ
MEN4IP Willie pajamas
3NSLT8 Wuhan


Action replay Wii?

Crap! Can do damage to your wii! Can not use cheats on wi-fi games and you have to delete your save file to put on the hacked one! I repeate, Crap!


The DS has a  few more colours out, don’t they. But so do wii!

Don’t forget the remotes!

See, a range of colours for wii.

Now Game (and other game shops)  Decorate your wii with images of games for around £30. (uk) This, to me is crap. I mean yes it’s ok to get your remotes decorated but you never really see the wii it’s self, only when changing you game, so not really worth it, is it?

I don’t know if the price changes for a differnt colour of wii but if it’s the same that’s ok.

286 comments to “Another update for your wii, Action replay and colour change.”

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