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27 June, 2008 | 2 comments

News, videos and Top tip!

Wii would like to play

lol, it’s a funny vid. Anyway a bit of news for you all, also a top tip and Mii parade vids!

On wii Sports, go onto training and Bowling, the last level is the one were you try to put down every pin, hitting the red middle one! On the big 91 pins move your mii to the end right and then 3 steps to the left, then aim your arm to the rail. If you do it carefully the ball should roll on the rail, if it’s steady it shall get the hole way, it will fall and no pins should be knocked down..yet.

You should now here a GAINT Bang and every last pin falls! It may take a few trys but someday you should get there.


Anyway Bralw should be in the UK on the 27th and it is avilable to preorder your game in the Game shop. Can’t wait for that!

Anyway the latest Wii update download is:

The wii will now utomaticly delete all ‘Bad’ files tha can do damage to your wii. My thought is that when you download Wii Ware (In the wii shoping channel now) some companys games are a bit mucked up and when downloaded can cause damage to your wii. This is only my opinion and might not be the reall isue.

The update also lets you move a mii to the mii parade by dragging that mii to the prarade button.

This is wicked!


6,000 miis! on one parade?!

But you havn’t seen nothing! 10,000 miis


Yup! You better believe it, Guys!

Hmm, Mario baseball game for wii? Sounds great but will it come? We will just have to wait and see won’t wii? It would be fun wouldn’t it? I mean BaseBall on Wii sports was Fantastic to me and I do Love mario, so It would be great fun.

Hey, back to the miis check this out.


Wii Fit is rather fun, and if you want to see the advart in full


Thats all for now.

Coments and questions on this is A-OK

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