Story of Super Mario Land: Part 1: Chapter 2

Story of Super Mario Land: Part 1: Chapter 2

Author: UncleGoombob1
Post Date: Sep 6, 2012, 6:16 pm
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Previously on Super Mario Land...

After Bowser's banishment from the Mushroom Kingdom, we spotted a mysterious man plotting a scheme to take over Mario's Castle in Mario Land. After this, Princess Toadstool reports to Mario that her friend Princess Daisy has been kidnapped.

"Daisy has been kidnapped!" shouted the princess.

"This is terrible," said Mario. "Mama mia!"

Princess Toadstool wanted Mario to go rescue Daisy. After all, the princesses are good friends. "Mario, you need to go save her!" said Princess Toadstool. "We'll be okay. Bowser's not coming back for a long time."

"I don't know," exclaimed Mario. "Sarasaland must be a dangerous place now."

"You've done this sort of thing before, Mario," said Princess Toadstool. "Trust me."

Mario was puzzled. Should he stay at the Mushroom Kingdom, or rescue Daisy at Sarasaland? It might be a more difficult quest.

"I'll do it!" cried Mario. "I'm on my way! Let Luigi know I'm gone."

As Mario ran off to rescue Princess Daisy, someone seems to be watching him.

"Heh heh heh," laughs the mysterious man. "It worked! Now I can take over Mario's Castle! But first..."

The mysterious man jumps out of a bush when Mario disappears, startling Princess Toadstool and the Toads. The man wore a yellow hat and shirt and wore purple overalls. He had a large pink nose with a crooked mustache. He had the grin of a devil.

"Who are you?" screamed the princess.

The mysterious man pauses for a short time. "Wario."

We know see Mario just about to cross the border into Sarasaland. He is not sure about leaving the Mushroom Kingdom. After all, something bad could happen.

But Mario does it! He crosses the border into Sarasaland as goes on his way.

He found himself in Birabuto Kingdom, the entrance gate of Sarasaland. He sees creatures of incredible shapes and sizes. In front of him he finds a creature that looks similar to a Goomba.

"Who are you?" asked Mario.

"The name's Goombo." says the creature. "And you're Mario. We can't let you pass and foil Master Tatanga's plans!"

Goombo turns around and calls the names of, "Bombshell Koopas! Goombos! Plants! Bullet Biffs!"

A whole gang of creatures surrounds Mario. "There's no escape!" says Goombo.


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