Murder in the Mushroom Kingdom Part 1 of 5

Murder in the Mushroom Kingdom Part 1 of 5

Author: TheYoshiTeam
Post Date: Apr 23, 2011, 9:04 am
Category: General Mushroom Kingdom
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Tags: mario,horror,luigi,mushroom


"Damn you, Mario!" Bowser screeched out as the ax buried into his head. Mario was the one wielding the ax, swinging it around like a mad man until it finally lodged in Bowser's skull. I've go you now, Mario thought to himself. Bowser screamed and cursed and tossed and turned until Mario dug the ax out of his head and swung it directly at his heart. When it struck, Bowser stopped moving instantly. Mario thought he was playing a game, so that when Mario pulled the ax out, Bowser would come back and kill him.

Mario finally yanked out the ax, blood trickled down Bowser's torso. Then, the Koopa King spat up blood and guts, and eventually went slowly falling to the ground. THUD! Then, Mario took the ax, and decapitated the Koopa King. Mario had done it. He had killed the notorious King Koopa for good. Then bravely walked towards the castle's exit. There, Princess Peach sat, sobbing into her hands. She looked up and saw the hero, but something about him that was not what she expected. " Mario!" she cried, "You weren't supposed to KILL him!" She saw the blood on his hands and the decapitated skull of Bowser himself.

Peach turned. "You murder." Mario was confused. "Then what was I supposed to do with the damn ax?" "You were supposed to cut the frigging rope!" Mario then realized what he had done. If murder was illegal at his place, then he was pretty damn sure that is was in the mushroom kingdom. "You fat bastard."



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