Super Mario SIXTY FOUR

Super Mario SIXTY FOUR

Author: supermario888
Post Date: Jun 15, 2012, 1:38 pm
Category: Mario Related
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Tags: Mario,Toad,Peach,Bowser

One Day In The Mushroom Kingdom Mario Saw Lakitu With His Camera and He Was Not Throwing any spinys at all. “Mario The Princess Is In Danger And You Have To Save Her.” Lakitu Said. “Toadstool Is In Danger!?.” Mario Said Surprised. “This Is No Time To Be Silly. Toadstool Here I Come!” And Toad Saw Him. “What Are You Doing?” Toad Asked. “I am Saving Princess Toadstool.” Mario Said “Why?” Toad Asked “Because She Needs Help.” “should you be plumbing?” Toad Asked. “This Is My New Heroic Job.” Mario Said "Ok Mario… Bowser Has Trapped Toadstool And We Are Counting On You!” When Mario Got To His Castle He Disguised as one of his minions and his voice “hey goomba where is that Mario brat?” I “am Not One of your minions.” And Mario Took Off His Disguise And Mario Killed Him The End


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