Mario Short: The 24 Hour Channel

Mario Short: The 24 Hour Channel

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Mario Short: The 24 Hour Channel

Mario sat on his sofa in Princess Peach's Castle, occasionally staring down at his wrist watch. Tapping his foot at the ground, he randomly looked around the room at his TV and the clock, hoping Luigi would arrive. Peach walked down the stairs with a pile of clothes in her arms.
"Peach, Luigi's been gone for hours!" yelled Mario, an expression of worrying yet anger on his face. "Where is he?!" Peach sighed.
"Mario, relax." replied Peach. "Daisy told me they would be gone for a long time..." Mario clutched the couch.
"But Peach, me and Luigi have scheduled plumbing to do! We can't just forget our costumers and go around buying things! This is serious!" said Mario. "If we don't get there soon, we'll lose our plumbing reputation! And you don't want that to happen! Do you? DO YOU?!" Mario stared into Peach's eyes, sweat pouring down his face.
"Mario, calm down!" said Peach, backing away from him. "If he's busy, he's busy. There's no need to--" But just then, the sound of tires screeching was heard in the driveway. "And there you are." She walked away.
The door burst open as Luigi yelled, "Thank you!" and shut the door. Baby Mario and Luigi accompanied him as he walked into the room Mario was in. Luigi sighed and set the bags on the table.
"Hey, bro!" said Luigi, dusting his hands off. Mario said nothing. "Bro, are you okay?" Mario jumped over the couch and grabbed him by the collar.
"WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN?!" he yelled into his face. Luigi's happy expression quickly turned to fear.
"B-bro! What's the matter?" asked Luigi, beginning to sweat.
"Luigi, do you remember me calling you earlier, and telling you about a certain plumbing job?" asked Mario, gripping his collar even tighter.
"'" said Luigi, his face turning purple.
"...y-yes...Mar-Mario...l-let...g-g-go..." His face turned blue.
"But guess what?" said Mario, still not letting go. "YOU HAVEN'T BEEN HERE TO ACCOMPANY ME ON THE JOB!"
"...M-M-Mar-Mario, pl-l-lease..." said Luigi, beginning to tug on his sleeve.
"TELL ME, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" said Mario, getting ready to let go if he told him.
"...T-The 24 Ho-Hour C-Channel S-St-Store..." replied Luigi, barely able to breathe anymore.
"YOU...wait...what?" said Mario, letting go of Luigi.
"The...The 24 Hour Channel Store..." said Luigi, grasping his neck and catching his breath.
" lost me at 'The'." replied Mario, staring down at him with a look of confusion on his face.
"You mean you haven't...heard of The 24 Hour Channel brands?" asked Luigi, finally beginning to breath normally.
"Yes! What is it? Soup? Linguine? Spaghetti? Anything else Italian?" asked Mario with a smile on his face at the thought of a store with nothing but Italian dishes and foods, his focus gone from plumbing.
"Well, it does have that." said Luigi. "But it has a lot of other stuff!" Luigi bent down and pulled a new pair of overalls out of one of the bags. "Look at these!" he said, holding them in front of Mario's face. "I got 'em for $2.99 there! What a steal! Woohoo!" Mario gaped at them. 
"Hmm...they do seem nice." said Mario, inspecting the clothing.
"Ooh, and did you see their new TV channel?" asked Luigi, putting the overalls on  the couch.
"No..." said Mario as he grabbed the remote, stood in front of the sofa, and turned on the TV. Walking down the aisle was a teenage employee with a camera following him.
"And, uh, here we have our patented cigarette holders,which is actually MADE of cigarettes, only $.99. And, over here we have our newly stocked lawn chairs, which is also made of cigarette buds. And, ooh! Here's a good one. Our great new brand of overalls! They're also made by, you guessed it, cigarette buds, which we promise, have been formerly smoked!" Mario shut the TV off and slowly turned around to Luigi.
"Uh...bro?" asked Luigi as Mario stared at him.
Mario jumped over the couch and tackled Luigi, sending them both toppling to the floor.
"Mario, I didn't know!" yelled Luigi back into Mario's face.
"You didn't know? But why did they say so in the commer--" But before Mario could finish, he saw Baby Mario about to chew on the overalls.
"NO!" he yelled as he swiped the overalls out of the baby's hands. He tossed the clothes in the trash and stared down at Luigi.
"Look..." said Mario. "I'm sorry. I let my emotions get ahead of me."
"Yeah, I think I know that, now!" replied Luigi.
"Alright, alright, look. We need to get down to the store, and fast!" said Mario, helping Luigi to his feet.
"But what about the plumb--" began Luigi before he was interrupted.
"Forget the plumbing! This is serious!" said Mario. "So, let's go!"
So, the brothers grabbed their raccoon suits. As soon as Mario tried to pull his past his stomach it ripped in half.
"Ugh...I guess I outgrew them." said Mario, sadly throwing them into the trash. "I guess I'll have to use the cape." Mario ran over and tied the cape around his neck. "NOW, let's go."
The two brothers then took off out the door and into the skies. Mario looked around confused.
"Uh, Luigi?" he asked. "Where exactly IS this store?"
"Oh, uh, it's right around the corner." replied Luigi as the two changed directions and flew toward a large building. Minutes later they landed on its roof.
"Alright, bro. We're gonna make this quick and painless." said Mario as he looked down through a glass window in the ceiling.
"Uh, Mario, couldn't we just act casual and then take them my surpri--" began Luigi.
"NO!" said Mario quickly. "I mean, I know that would be a bit easier and calm, but this way is cooler. Now..." Mario jumped into the air and ground-pounded through the ceiling. Luigi sighed and jumped in.
"EVERYBODY, FREEZE!" yelled Mario as Luigi landed next to him. An employee stopped, one tripped. "Where's your manager?" Just then a dark haired man walked into view of the brothers.
"Hello, Mario Brothers." said the manager. He had a small smile on his face. "Nice to see you here! Would you like to buy something?"
"Shut up!" said Mario, looking at him threateningly. The smile faded from the manager's face.
"Why, what is the matter?" asked the manager, gaping at the two.
"Yeah!" said Luigi, retorting for the first time. "You built everything here out of cigarette buds!"
"That's a lie!" yelled the manager with a look of anger and fear on his face, almost the same as Mario's when he was waiting for Luigi.
"No, it isn't!" said Mario. "It was on the commercial! You're employee said it out loud about every item he talked about!"
"Which one?" asked the manager, anger overtaking his fear.
"That one!" said Mario, pointing to the employee who was, indeed, in the commercial. Just then, the manager whipped a pistol out of his pocket, turned around, and shot the employee straight in the chest, sending him toppling to the ground with blood slowly flowing out of his body.
"YOU'RE INSANE!" yelled Mario, staring at the dead employee.
"Am I?" said the manager with a tone in his voice.
"YES!" said Luigi. "You just killed your own employee!" Just then, a bullet whizzed by Luigi's head, barely missing them.
"That employee did the right thing!" said Mario, shocked at the bullet that barely missed his younger brother.
"That employee did the wrong thing!" said the manager, aiming his gun at the brothers.
"No," said Mario. "You did." The brothers both jumped into the air, punching and kicking any employee's away that attempted to attack them.
"SEIZE THEM!" yelled the manager as he repeatedly tried to shoot one of the brothers. He aimed randomly, shooting at whatever lifeform ran past him, hoping it was a Mario brother.
"GAAAAH!" yelled the manager as he spun around in circles, his face distorted, shooting randomly, this time anywhere in the room, like shooting only blind. Suddenly, an ear piercing scream was heard, and Luigi fell to the floor, blood gushing out of his leg. Mario ran over to accompany his brother.
"Finally, I can get a clear aim." said the manager as he aimed his gun at the two. "Have a nice time." Just then, a small swooshing noise was heard above the ceiling.
"What in the name of..." said the manager as the noise grew louder, and then bumps and thuds were heard on the roof, dents being put into the plates blocking the broken glass window in the ceiling. Then, the plates ripped in half, police pouring into the room.
"No...NO! Who...what...when...?" said the manager, a look of shock on his face.
"Freeze!" yelled the chief, as several cops threw the cop and many more employees to the floor, cuffing them all.
"Who told you about this?!" asked the manager as he was being hoisted up.
"An anonymous pair of ladies." said the chief. "Here they come now."
Two ladies slid down the ladder that was dropped out of the helicopter. They revealed themselves to be Peach and Daisy.
"Princess!" yelled Mario as he ran and wrapped his arms around her. Daisy noticed her boyfriend on the floor, clutching his leg in pain.
"LUIGI!" she yelled as she ran over to comfort him.
"Daisy, thank God you're here!" said Luigi as his arms were hoisted over the shoulders of Daisy and Mario.
"I'd say we've had a nice day out." said Mario. He turned to Peach. "How did you...?"
"Well, you can't expect a princess not to hear things." said Peach, giggling.
"You heard me and Luigi?" asked Mario in shock.
"Yeah, well, a good portion of it. Probably starting when you tackled Luigi for the first time." Mario laughed.
"Well..." he said. "Let's go home. Daisy, can you take Luigi to the hospital for his wound?"
"Sure." said Daisy as the plates blocking the exits began to open.
"Mario," asked Luigi. "Do you still want to do the plumbing job?"
"...hmm..." said Mario. "Nah."
So, the four walked out of the store, laughing and finally regaining happiness after the odd events of that day.


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