Mushroom Kingdom Wars Chapter 4

Mushroom Kingdom Wars Chapter 4

Author: superLuigi
Post Date: May 31, 2012, 11:54 am
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Everything thing was peaceful at the party Mario saw as Luigi and Daisy were dancing having the time of their lives Mario was embarassed he couldn't dance him and peach have been going out for years and they never danced before his thoughts were ruined when his cellphone rang "Hello Mario here who is this" "Mario!!" pataknight replied "Who is Mario?" peach asked "Wait Pataknight how did you get my number?" he questioned "Long story but watch out Bo-" he looked at his phone 2 bars dang it was cheap "What did you say?" he asked "BOWSERS IS IN THERE WATCH OUT!!" then a wall exploded leaping out was Mario arch enemy "Bowser." said the red plumber "Whoops did I ruin the fun!" sniggered the reptile Toads screamed and started for the door already Pataknight saw it all happen just like the movies he watches when he is bored "Oh pit." he said and ran inside to go help."So Mario and green stache hand over the princess and no one will get hurt" said the reptile even though they all knew he was lying.The first one to attack was Luigi, Bowser just swapped him as if he were a annoying fly Luigi went crashing towards a stone pillar Daisy gasped and ran towards his side sobbing "Anyone else?" said the reptile staring at Mario whose hands were already smoking from anger.Mario ran fast "Good choice." said Bowser as he swatted him too leaving him to a feeling of utter deafeat.Bowser finally won now what does he do Luigi KO'ed and Bowser is more powerful than ever.


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