A Night Under the Stars

A Night Under the Stars

Author: KoopaKrazy85
Post Date: Mar 14, 2011, 5:26 am
Category: Mario Related
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Mario lay on the green hillside, gazing at the wonderful world of shining stars above him, absolutely enveloped in the swirls of the night sky. Peach approached him, also taking in the magic of the heavens before her eyes. She slowly lowered herself onto the embankment next to her lover, and snuggled up against him.


"Good evening, princess," Mario said courteously, his attention now drawn to the lovely fair-haired woman resting her head on him; she smiled up at him. "Aren't the stars fantastic tonight?" He continued.


She nodded, again looking up. "They're beautiful, the way they twinkle." Peach sighed, looking back at the plumber.


Mario wrapped his arm around Peach's shoulder, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the soft summer breeze rippling through his hair.


"You know," Peach began, "Every night from Bowser's castle tower, I'd always look up at these stars. They remind me of power stars, the way they flicker, and they made me remember that you were out there, fighting, trying to find me. It's the only thing that ever kept me sane."


Mario smiled. "Hmph, that's kinda funny. You see, whenever I was out there trying to get to you, Peach, I'd always look up at the sky every night, too. The sparkle of the stars always reminds me of the life in your eyes, the affection of your gaze. That's what made me strong enough to face Bowser - every time I thought of you, I felt I was able to take on anything to get to you."


Peach kissed Mario on the cheek. I'm glad I mean that much to you.

They smiled at one another. He nuzzled her gently, and ran his hands through her golden hair, stroking it. "You mean the world to me, if not more, my beautiful Peach." Peach giggled quietly.


"Oh Mario, you're so very sweet. You make me feel like more of a princess than a castle and servants ever could."


The two shared a meaningful kiss, and then looked deep into each others eyes. An energetic blue, deep with passion, met with one of gentle caring and amazing grace. There they lay, together in affectionate embrace. They loved each other more than anything else, and nothing would ever change that.


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