Breaking Point: Chapter Five

Breaking Point: Chapter Five

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This chapter will be long and the reason is because I will be taking a short vacation with my dad to Wyoming and depending on whether the hotels have a computer or not, may not have a chance to update. Mario's companions (two of them) from Thousand Year Door will make an appearance in this chapter. It is long because I want to appease you for the long delay in updating so that way you have something to keep you busy. Enjoy this chapter!

Chapter Five: Spying for Bowser

The parties, Jo had to admit weren't as bad as he had feared. They actually ended up being fun. This was something that was foreign to the Yoshi. He couldn't remember the last time he had truly had fun. His parents never showed him any affection.

Being the human equivalent of eight, he knew that there was still a lot open to him. During these parties, he allowed himself a small amount of fun. What he liked the best about them, was the simple fact that he felt no pressure from the "guests" to actually entertain as typical to parties of today. The serious part of him wouldn't allow the upcoming event of entering the stronghold of the enemy to get him down. He would be armed with nothing but his wits and a Glitzville hat.

When he eventually grew bored of the festivities, he asked Kammy just how this would work. "Little known fact about the Bowser Baddies is that one of them is our version of Mario's Professor E. Gadd. We don't like to draw attention to him because he is a bit out there, but his genius rivals that of the professor. He claims to be better."

Jo agreed that he would like to meet this hidden member of the Bowser Baddies, Kammy made the gesture meaning to follow her. Jo was also followed by Koopuria and Blake, both of whom were taking the team thing seriously. The walk to the supposed genius was a long one and it was passed in silence. It was ten minutes later that he sensed that they were close to their destination. He wondered just what kind of individual this genius was.

They came to a door on the left side of the corridor. Two lamps lit the rather dark corridor and on a plaque above the door read the words, "Please come in or go away!" Did that make it an invitation or a dismissal? Kammy knocked on the door and at a weird look from Jo, Kammy shrugged and said, "He likes it if we knock so he can tell us to enter like we are expected or something. I don't know the purpose of the sign; that is just what we do to keep him happy."

Jo shrugged and it was a short wait as they hear bustling and various noises coming from behind the door and he briefly wondered just what was happening in there. Finally a voice said, "Ah, enter I have been expecting a visit." Rather bemused, Jo followed Kammy, Koopuria, and Blake into the room. The room was small but that didn't appear to be a problem.

A man was standing in the middle of the room looking slightly freaked about something. Jo did a double take as he realized that the man was human. He grinned slightly at the shocked look on Jo's face. "Weren't expecting a human in a Koopa's employment huh? Well it is a long story that will take up more than this chapter's intended length. I will summarize it by saying that I owe my career to Kammy and Bowser and I will leave it at that.

"Now I assume that the reason you are here is a mission for Bowser? Well I hate to brag but I have access to technology that will cause E Gadd to freak. Most of it is small, but I am sure they will be useful to you. Now if you will all follow me, I will let you have a gander at my rather ingenious invention, only if you want a quick return to this castle though."

He led the interested party over to the table that he must have been putting the finishing touches on his invention. When they were gathered around the table, the man held up a small box. "I can guarantee that I did not invent this box. No, what I invented is inside the said box. This will be very useful for if you want to make a quick getaway and don't have time for the long way back. They are portable warp pads hooked directly into this castle.

"All you have to do is take a small brick sized block," He opened the box and held out a brick sized object to Jo. "And drop it onto the ground. No magic word, no mess, no fuss just instant teleportation. Now I leave nothing to chance so I made sure that there was no way that someone could trace the fact that there was a warp pad there, so without getting into any technical terms, I basically just worked till I achieved it.

"These are perfect entry points into Bowser's Castle, perfect for those quick getaways. Ha, see E Gadd come up with that!"

Jo was impressed with the invention; it would be perfect for his plans. "What is your name sir?" "Gary is my name, just Gary. Doesn't have that mad scientist ring to it I know, but that was the name I was born with and I stand by it."

Gary just helped him in his plans for Bowser's rise to power. "Anyway I have more inventions to work on, and the ones I have out right now, are not fit for public release. I heard that there was someone new to the ranks of Bowser's Troops and wanted to get ready with one. I hope it helps."

Jo assured Gary that it most definitely helped and Gary as a thank you gave him one box filled with ten warp pads. Seeing as how there was nothing except small talk, Jo and the others left Gary to his work. "You will start spying for us as soon as possible Jo. We can't afford any delays. Since the only method of disguise is a hat, we will have to hope that no one recognizes you."

The walk back left Jo to outline his plan making sure that there was nothing that could possibly go wrong. He wanted success, and he planned for every possible outcome. He planned for being distrusted by Mario or anyone on his side. He planned for ambushes for after all they could happen. When every possible outcome was gone over a lot, he, along with Koopuria, Blake and Kammy Koopa went back so that Jo could make his farewell speech.

Bowser turned up so that he could wish Jo luck and that this likely candidate in his rise to power wouldn't fail. Everyone seemed to expect a speech of some sort so Jo got up on the convenient podium located in the room that they were in. Koopuria again caused embarrassment when she squeezed his hand as he passed her. He didn't know how to take this so he hoped that she didn't expect anything from it. He passed various Koopa Troopas, Dark Koopas and Goombas on his way up to the podium. The Koopa Bros also turned up to wish him luck. He looked out over the crowd, a confidence he didn't know he had, came over him and he began his speech.

"Since I was hatched, I was greeted by nothing but shameful looks and regret from my parents. It wasn't all that long ago actually and I remember all the lonely times spent in my room wondering what was wrong with me. One day, my dad told me that he wanted to take me out for a surprise. While that wasn't the exact word, I realize now that he was trying to get rid of me. It was so exciting to finally get out of that house, let me tell you, that this was no way suspicious to my young mind. We walked for some time until he stopped, telling me to gather as much fruit for a supposed feast that we would have.

"After some playing that small children go through when left alone, I eventually realized that it was late and playing monster among a town of fruit could only keep you entertained for so long. I looked for my father, but could not find him. I did not give up; I looked around for him everywhere; every potential hiding spot uncovered and when I did not unearth my father I came to the realization that he had left me." During this story, Bowser, Kammy, Red, but most importantly Koopuria had looks of outrage on their faces and were shaking with rage.

Jo for his part did not cry, but that didn't stop the emotional types in the room from crying. They had not heard this story. "He abandoned me because of these." He bent down thrusting his horns forward causing several gasps from the crowd. "I would have caused embarrassment for the entire Yoshi race and the Mushroom Kingdom. I will give them some credit and say that it was almost time for school and I would have been eaten alive by the bullies.

"I was lost and alone wondering the forest, afraid and wondering if I was to die a slow death in the wilderness. I finally took shelter and was about ready to sleep when a voice woke me up. It was as it turned out to be Red. He saved me and treated me with not fear and outrage but kindness. It was a shock that he worked for Bowser, but if it was anything like my life, it couldn't be that bad.

"I was given a home with some friends that did not shirk away because of my abnormal coloring and disfigurement, but support and friendship, and that was when I had a realization. I will return the favor that you have showed me and bring Bowser the throne. Every possible outcome will be carefully thought out and planned and Mario will forever regret the day he got on the bad side of us.

"If the side of supposed evil showed respect and kindness to a mutant Yoshi, a supposed and known enemy of him, then he really isn't as bad as everyone says he is. I will be back with success and Mario won't know what hit him."

Cheering greeted these words and Kammy walked up with the Glitzville hat that would make up his disguise. She had tears in her eyes that she had failed to wipe away. It seemed like a high honor when she placed it on his horns, covering them up completely. It was a perfect fit and not even lumps at the top that would give him away.

She also surprised him, by bowing to him and one by one everyone, including the Koopa King himself bowed their heads. This shocked him and he was left speechless for a short while. Finally he knew that the moment of truth arrived. The crowd parted and Jo walked through the ranks of the crowd passing various members belonging to the Bowser Baddies. When he arrived at Koopuria, they stared at each other before Jo said, "I will be back!" She nodded and Jo was greeted by cheering that could be heard all through his exit of the castle.

The walk from Bowser's Castle was long and not having a companion to talk away the time with, caused him to instead think on how this plan of his would work out. Finally after an hour of walking and planning, he arrived at the border to the Mushroom Kingdom. Two toads were guarding the entrance, and he kept expecting them to stop him, but no shout of warning came out. The only thing that was done, were some weird looks from the two of them, probably having to do with the hat that he wore.

The Kingdom was apparently empty today for there were no Toads out running or doing whatever it was that Toads did. He had an answer immediately after this thought came into his head. Standing erect not too far from where he was now, was a sign.

"Important meeting discussing the prevention of future kidnapping attempts to be held in the Castle, everyone is invited to discuss this important problem."

Well wasn't this just dandy? He wouldn't be required to have a background check to enter this meeting. It was after all common knowledge that Yoshis were good. He allowed a small grin before walking the short path to the castle. He met with no resistance baring the occasional odd look for his hat.

He found that he didn't actually know where the meeting was to be held and he wondered if he could get away with appearing lost. He didn't get a chance to find out as a small Toad appeared and deciding to take a risk, followed the Toad down the hall. What luck, a sign soon appeared declaring a room to be the designated meeting area.

From there it was cake to just walk in. Unfortunately, his luck of going unnoticed ran out here as he had arrived in the middle of it. Everyone turned in his direction and he had to fight hard, not to look out of place. "Oh good, are you here for the discussion then? Hurry up, you actually arrived at a good time. We can always welcome new ideas."

This was golden, they were allowing a late comer in the meeting. He took his place in a corner seeing as how there were no seats. He recognized Mario right away. Who could ever mistake him for anyone else. Two creatures were standing next to him, a Goomba and a fellow Yoshi. The Yoshi was smaller than normal and must have been recently hatched. The Goomba had what looked like an archeologist's outfit on, though shrunken down a bit because she (she looked feminine so he deduced that to be the gender) was a Goomba.

She was staring at him in a way that made him uncomfortable and so was the Yoshi. It must be his odd coloring to cause such odd looks. Before they could give him a piece of their mind, a very old Toad came out followed by and to the side by a girl in a pink dress. This must be Peach. "Thanks for turning up to discuss the future safety of our Princess. I know that this is completely unnecessary, but I simply have to do it for official reasons.

"I am Toadsworth, and I started this meeting in the hopes that we could discuss a way to prevent that fiend, Bowser from kidnapping the princess. Even Bowser does not have the ability to magically teleport into a room, no he has to enter it like the rest of us. If Peach is in a room that is electronically and retinal coded then he will have some major problems trying to get in.

"Now I know what most of you are no doubt thinking, and that is how we are going to electronically register everyone who wishes to have a meeting with the princess? The answer is simple, anyone who belongs in the Mushroom Kingdom species will have a shot at entering. The code will be completely new and different from typical code lengths.

"Instead of the normal four digit code, we will be adding an extra number just for added security. But wait, as an added security measure, we will be having three key cards that will be installed on the left, right, and bottom parts of the lock. Bowser will have the extra task of trying to track down who has the key and then figure everything out.

"We don't think he has the patience and attention span to make all that effort. On a slightly related note, Mario's friends from when he went to Rougeport have elected to add their support in the safety of the Princess, Goombella and Reaper who have journeyed with Mario, will do anything they can to help protect our Princess."

Goombella and Reaper both rose when their seats to rapturous applause. "Yes, it may have taken awhile for us to wise up to that Koopa's schemes, but eventually we learn." More applause greeted these words and Toadsworth waited till it had died down before he resumed speaking. "One lucky individual will have the important task of guarding the secret of the code and the key cards from anyone not of this Kingdom.

"Why not entrust our surprise guest with the honor. He is from the floating city of Glitzville after all, so he is familiar with fighting." It took Jo awhile to realize that they were talking about him. Were they serious in their thinking of trusting a "strange" Yoshi with this kind of important thing? How the heck did Mario keep defeating Bowser if this was the kind of smarts backing him up?

He left his small corner fighting really hard not to grin in triumph. It seemed Bowser picked a lucky day to spy on the Mushroom Kingdom. He made it to the front and stared into the wise eyes of Toadsworth. Three key cards were then placed into his care and Toadsworth leaned in closer and whispered, "The code that will enable you to enter the Princess's room is "2,4,10,7, and 9. The double digit will provide a small amount of security.

"Guard her highness well young Yoshi." Jo couldn't resist adding a small gloat as he added, "My name is Jo, or at least that is what my friends call me." His eyes were locked on the princess as he said this. Deciding to add a touch of humbleness in his being, he bowed low to her, causing the Princess some small discomfort.

Cheering erupted over the protector of the Princess and Jo drank it up. Boy would they kick themselves when they discovered that this was only phase one. Only Goombella and Reaper were not adding their cheer to the mix and glaring at him in what appeared to be suspicion.

"I have to leave early I am afraid, my mother is sickly and it is just the two of us. She needs all the support we can afford. She heard about this meeting, and wanted me to go." The lie came smoothly and clearly to his mind, with no pauses whatsoever. This was accepted wholeheartedly with no suspicion except by Mario's friends. Toadsworth gave a small dismissal and with that the Yoshi made his exit.

(Mario's POV)

Goombella glared after the strange Yoshi as he made his exit. She couldn't believe that no one else found it suspicious. She had never seen a Yoshi in the history of the species, wear a hat. Come to think of it, did they even wear clothes at all? But everyone did not focus on the error. Cheering still erupted and the princess was saying how nice the Yoshi was. "Granted he is strangely colored, but he is a dear to want to participate in things like this."

Growing annoyed at the apparent stupidity of everyone around her she decided to let everyone know that this Yoshi spelled disaster. "Are you all blind? This Yoshi, Jo or whoever he is calling himself, is not who he says he is." Before she could go any further, Toadsworth interrupted. "So what if he is abnormally colored, what is he going to do join Bowser. There hasn't been a Yoshi who ever sided with the King.

"He probably is just eccentric. Goombella you really mustn't judge." Now everyone hated her for being a judgmental jerk. Mario was giving her a weird look and she sighed in annoyance. Reaper laid a hand on her shoulder, or the closest thing there was. "I agree with you, that Yoshi reeks of something. Gonzales, you have no right to dismiss Goombella's suspicion just because it appears useless."

Toadsworth sighed in annoyance, "If it makes you feel better, guard the door to make sure he doesn't get up to anything. The poor dear probably got teased a lot as a hatchling and I feel just terrible for him.

Goombella nodded and said, "You bet, I will be guarding the door. No one is going to even be let in without passing my judgment."

(Normal POV)

Oh, he was terribly lucky he decided to wait outside the door a little ways. The Goomba freak didn't keep her voice down so he had heard everything. He would have waited outside the door anyway just to see if anyone had anything to say, and it turned out to work in his favor. Deciding that there would be no terribly important information, he left. No one was met on the way out of the castle and the grounds.

He would have to find a way to deal with Goombella and no doubt Reaper as well. He would have to find out a way of removing them from the picture. He wondered if anything about the mysterious Glitzville would reveal anything to him. Maybe he could travel to the floating city and dig up some dirt on just what happened to Mario and Company there.

He walked for quite a bit, wanting to find the perfect area where he could warp back to Bowser's Castle. The meeting had been several hours and no doubt everyone would be worried. Finally he walked a bit off the path and found the perfect place. Digging into his hat where he kept the box, he pulled it out and got out a pad. Throwing the brick-shaped object onto the ground he waited as it activated, then he stepped onto it, next stop, Bowser's Castle.

(Back at Bowser's Castle)

Koopuria had been waiting with baited breath for the anxious return of Jo. It didn't help that she was nervous as anything. He could have been caught or found out. Bowser had been awake when Jo had left, but he was now snoozing lightly. Just what happened to him? If anything happened, she didn't know what she would do, but she mustn't focus on the negative.

A blinding light erupted out of nowhere, waking Bowser instantly. The crowd stirred as the light turned into several colors and then Jo was standing in the middle of the crowd. He was grinning smugly and holding up three brightly colored keycards.

"Bowser my friend, the Mushroom Kingdom is wising up to your old tricks. They are now keeping the Princess behind an electronic and retinal scanned door. Without three key cards and the now five digit code, however will you pull this off?

For a brief moment, Bowser looked confused, then his eyes fell on the key cards in his hand and a grin came, slowly spreading. "Why, I don't know, it does seem to be more complicated this time around. But I shall never give up. Good job Jo, you completed phase one, and how are you going to do phase two?"

"I did run into the complication of Mario's companions having some suspicions about me, but I just need to work out a way of keeping them out of the picture. Something, I have a strong feeling, happened at Glitzville and it is important to kidnapping the princess. But that is a goal for another day. I am tired and going to sleep off the excitement of spying."

Bowser waved a dismissive claw, "You earned it Jo, sleep in too. I have high hopes for you my Yoshi friend, you will go far."

With a resounding cheer from the various Troops as he walked past them, Jo felt very good about the upcoming trial of figuring out what happened at Glitzville.

In case you are slow, Reaper is what I named the Yoshi partner. I hope you are enjoying the story and another update will occur when I get back or at the hotel if they have a computer. Thanks for reading!


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