Breaking Point: Chapter Three

Breaking Point: Chapter Three

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Thanks for reading this and supporting it just by reading it. Your interest is all that is needed. The fact that it hasn't been flamed is all that matters to me. Enjoy this next chapter in the epic saga. Two new characters appear in this chapter. I was going to originally have the Koopalings in this chapter (two of them) but then realized that I don’t know all that much about them. I would rather claim ignorance then deny it and get flamed from those die-hard fans as to the personalities. Enjoy this chapter!!!!!!

Chapter Three: Lessons

The night couldn't have passed any slower as the Koopa Bros showed Jo to the room he would be staying at. He passed the night in a warm and very comfortable bed. He was excited to finally be accepted and not judged for his bizarre appearance for a Yoshi. He wondered what the upcoming lessons would be like.

Would he be the only one in these "lessons"? Would they be anything at all like the real lessons that Yoshi's of his age should be participating in? He tossed in turned willing his young body to sleep for he had a busy day. He had high hopes for joining the Koopa Troops. He was going to help Bowser accomplish his goals and everyone will know his name because of it.

When finally the morning arrived, he shot out of his bed and came very close to bumping into Red. He managed to slam on the brakes at the very last minute. "I can see you didn't sleep. I was to wake you up at the crack of dawn, but I see that is now pointless. You might as well follow me down to the place where the Bowser School is going to be."

 There was a lot that Jo had missed during the first part of the tour. Finally, they arrived up to a door. Now Jo had seen a lot of doors before this one so he was a bit confused. "I can assure you; this will be the meeting place of what is to be your education. I have other things to do, but when they are over, I will meet you here."

Jo didn't wait to watch his friend go; he opened the door and had his first shock. Only two beings were in this room. Both were Koopas and both turned to look at him as he entered. What kind of lessons would take place here with only three total counting him?

It was the Koopa closest to him that saved him any future embarrassment. "You can sit by me, I am new here too and I know how embarrassing it can be for new recruits to be here." She had a feminine voice so he deduced that she was female.

He walked over to the gesturing Koopa. She smiled slightly. "I heard that a Yoshi had recently joined. I must say that I have never seen one with your ah unique coloring and looks. Don't get me wrong, that is very unique, but you just have to wonder what went wrong in the hatching process."

Boy, did she talk a lot. He found himself enjoying listening to her fast way of speaking. "Oh how totally rude of me I have been going on for ages and haven't even introduced myself. My name is Koopuria. Can I have the pleasure of knowing yours?"

Jo's heart cracked. Koopuria seemed to take pity on him. "Are you even able to speak? Oh my god, your birth parents never taught you? That truly blows. Well I guess you are in the right place then to learn."

The Koopa on the left was looking at Jo with interest throughout this exchange. Before he could open up however, something exciting happened. The door exploded open and instant silence fell upon the students. Kammy Koopa flew in on her broom. Jo had never seen this before and was instantly transfixed. She flew around the room for a little while before halting in hovering.

“Boy do I love doing that. It never gets old so I keep doing it!” She made one final loop and settled down, finally slowing down enough to hop down from her broomstick. Once free from her, it hovered over to the corner and its home there. She had her magic rod that she always seemed to have with her.

“You are all here, handpicked by me, because of your sense of purpose. I have never been wrong about the usefulness of a recruit, whether or not they fail is up to them. I sense good things from each of you and I feel that you will lead him to the victory he strives for.

“At the risk of sounding cliché that is typical in all learning environments, I will cater to each and every one of your needs. I may not look or act like it, but I am very patient. There is no deadline and these “lessons” will last only as you need them. I have a very strong feeling that you will prove the hero to finally put a stop to that meddling fool Mario.”

Jo listened intently to everything Kammy said. It was not surprising to him in the least that he was a good listener. Eventually Kammy had everyone say his or her name. Before Jo could begin to panic, she explained that Jo (she felt it better to have him say his name in his own time) couldn’t speak the basic conversation.

This caused Koopuria to give him a sympathetic look and the as yet unnamed Koopa that sat next to Koopuria, to frown and glare not at Jo, but into space. With that announcement out of the way, the introductions officially commenced.

With her eyes locked onto his, Koopuria said her name and then mouthed the words, “don’t worry” before taking her seat. The only other person in the room was the other Koopa. He got up and to Jo’s slight shock addressed not Kammy, but him.

“My name is Blake; I think it is terrible that own flesh and blood would refuse to teach you basic communication skills. Who cares if you are different from other Yoshis? Even your own kind refused you. Kammy only picks the best. If that is true, then Mario just lost a terrific ally.”

Blake sat down and Jo was left in uncomfortable silence. “Right, well I am only one Koopa gal so I will have two assistants to help me. You can come out now boys.” In walked the last people Jo expected to be there with him. Red and Yellow walked in but it was Red who had the smirk on his face at the look of shock on Jo’s face.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t be here for your special day? Even though I won’t be working with you personally, I wouldn’t miss this day for anything.” Yellow nodded politely to Jo and stepped back. Even Kammy had a small grin on her face.

“Red was eager to share a part of your big day and got one of his brothers to assist him. “Anyway, we are going to split into groups and each of you will learn what the other knows. Red you will be partnered with Blake while Yellow will go to Koopuria, Jo; you will have the pleasure of being taught by yours truly. My entire existence is dedicated to making sure that Bowser is happy. To respect the privacy of the others, we will go to my quarters.”

She held her magic rod up in the air and instantly the small broom flew towards her, stopping in front of her. “This broom was custom made for one, but I can expand its size” Jo looked slightly uncomfortable at getting this honor and Kammy picked up on this right away.

“None of that modesty stuff Jo. I very rarely take on a protégé. No one seems to be worthy or capable enough. I see a huge amount of potential in you. Now give me a minute to remember the spell of enlargement.”

Kammy thought long and hard about the spell, finally waving the rod in a complicated fashion. Instantly the broom grew wide enough to fit Jo as well as herself. She hopped with youthful energy onto the broom and then turned to Jo who was hesitating.

“I can assure you youngster that this is no trick. You are now my protégé and you will get the full benefit of knowing and learning all I know. You have a very strong sense of loyalty. I say you earned this seat.”

With a final look at Koopuria, who smiled and nodded, he got up onto the broom. “Hold onto your tail or me. This thing can go pretty fast!” With that, the broom sped off, following the directions that Kammy was giving it.

Oh, it was nothing like he was expecting broom travel to be like. He lost track of his own body and almost left part of himself behind. The broom seemed to have a life of its own zooming and turning sharply. The eventually came to a door labeled “Kammy” on it. Waving her rod, the door flew open and they zoomed on in.

Coming to a dead stop, Jo fought to stay on, but alas, he fell off, landing hard on his tail. Kammy expertly jumped off the broom chuckling slightly. “Oh it takes some getting used to, I will give you that. For me, it is like an extension of myself. Now up, it is time for the lessons.”

For the next several hours, Jo and Kammy worked on the basics of communication. She had examples and helped him to sound out each and every letter. When he mastered the basic sounds of each letter, they moved on to sentences. These were a lot harder for the young Yoshi, but Kammy was very patient when he had trouble with a certain letter or sentence.

This did not happen during that first lesson but spaced out separately. A week of this turned into five. Five turned into several months. Eventually, twelve months passed and Jo could write his name, (something that regular Yoshis couldn’t do) speak several long sentences, and even read. A total of a year and five days pass and soon it came time for the graduation ceremony to commence and Jo was worried.

Jo during all this time slept in Kammy’s room in the very same bed that he had first slept in. It had been brought up especially for him. Kammy didn’t want any distractions during the lessons. 

“Kammy, I don’t know if I can pass the final test. I am fine on my own with you only, but a crowd is completely different.” They were standing next to the hovering broomstick and they were practicing for the big moment.

“I know Jo, but only Blake, Koopuria, Red and Yellow will be there. Hardly a crowd if you ask me. No, you will do just fine if the courage is there. Don’t let me down son, as I hate being wrong.”

Jo gulped nervously and grabbed hold of the broom. He swung himself up and was pleased with himself for landing perfectly behind Kammy.”

They were of twisting and turning down the various corridors until finally arriving in the classroom where it all started. To his horror they were the last ones there. He swallowed nervously and bravery crept into him and he met the excited stares of the others. He zeroed in on Koopuria’s stare and strength he did not know he had flooded into him.

He could do this. He had to for the sake of Bowser’s ultimate goal and to earn the friendship and support of the others.’ He swung gracefully off the broomstick and walked to the front of the room. His horned head was held high and he felt sure, very sure, that he could do this.

Kammy joined the crowd of four and Jo was left the center of attention, but this did not frighten him in the slightest. He knew without being told what he had to do to “pass” He looked around at everyone and said, “Hi my name is Joheiner”

I am so very sorry to end it on this slight cliffhanger but I wanted an uplifting end. How do you think Jo would be received? Thanks so much for reading this story. Next chapter will be up soon!!


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