Author: TheRealBangaaDragoon
Post Date: Feb 22, 2012, 8:24 am
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The following story is in fact, not a story. It's actually a comic I made a little while back. Mr.Ninja 2 is already in the middle. Just be sure to read it ALL. Yes, this means no skimming. If you do, then you'll miss important information and ultimately lose interest in the story. Anyway, be sure to support Mr.Ninja by sending the link to your friends, like on Facebook (yes Facebook), and even on Google+. Here's the link, there's no turning back now...

Have loads of fun and keep the comments coming ^^

Well, it seems as though that there aren't enough words on this story just yet. But, i won't spam or anything. I really want Mr.Ninja to be popular. So, i thought i might as well start on a little forum site, rather than a big huge art site. Even though that is, in fact, where i did post it first. Sorry, my mistake. I am wondering if i should ink/color them, what do you guys think? Should I? I guess that's up to you guys. I know my drawing skills aren't that great, but because this is a fanfiction sort of thing, I'm sure you guess care about the story. Well, i hope everyone who reads Mr.Ninja, enjoys it. I'll be sure to check this site daily. So, if you have any questions, leave em' below.


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