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the rampage of Bowser part 1

the rampage of Bowser part 1

Author: The M4rio master
Post Date: Feb 19, 2012, 7:48 pm
Category: Mario Related
Views: 739

 One day in the Mushroom Kingdom Luigi was talking to Toad after the talking he went for a walk. He was happy because Bowser wasn't in Mushroom Kingdom. At night time Bowser was planing about how to ruin the Mushroom Kingdom. It was hard for him to plan. It him the day before Luigi took a walk. The next day early in the morning Bowser said to him self Yes yes I got it now I can kill Mario and Luigi.  Mail for Mario Luigi Mario came out GIVE ME Mario said. Gee want's his problem and mail man walked away after he said that. Mario opened the mail he read it. It said. IM BACK MARIO AND I GOT THE PRINCESS AND THE TOADS AND I GOT TOUGHER AND STRONGER SO FIGHT ME I'M WAITING. What did it say Mario?  Luigi it said BOWSERS BACK. WHAT. LUIGI said. Yes Mario said. It's true. Why I can't get a week with peace said Luigi. Yes why can't we said Mario. Mario let's KILL Bowser this time. Mario was hungry so a few minutes later he was going to eat. Mario had just found a fire flower but Luigi didn't. They were angry so much every day they have to be saving someone. But they didn't have nothing to do. Now that's it for part1 and will Mario save the princess and toads Check out for part 2


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