The Mistake of Nintendo plus they get sewed [ two stories in one]

The Mistake of Nintendo plus they get sewed [ two stories in one]

Author: The M4rio master
Post Date: Feb 19, 2012, 3:00 pm
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Here is a mistake of Nintendo before I get on with the story. THIS IS NOT A MARIO STORY but some Mario stuff is in there. O.k. now on with the story. Sega made a c.d. add on for genesis. Nintendo wanted to make one for SNES. So Sony and Nintendo made one but it didn't go out right. So Sony made PlayStation. So Nintendo teamed up with Phillps. But it went so wrong so Nintendo let Phillps used there characters.So Phillps had Nintendo characters on there game console.Here is a game of Phillps. Day Time Mario. They made Nintendo went downhill with there characters.[present]So now Phillps makes T.V.S.Now Nintendo dosn't want to team up with Phillps again.[past] When Nintendo found out that there were going downhill they kicked Phillps out of there business. The end.                                                                                        

                            Now here's the other story. When A tarry Jagwar came out Nintendo made gameboy well Gameboy was a hand held. It was Nintendo's first hand held. It also had no color but Nintendo made a lot of cash with it. But A tarry made Jagwar like gameboy but Atarry came out first. A tarry was mad so they wanted to sew Nintendo. When Nintendo got sewed they lost a lot of cash. A few years had passed well A tarry pics stinked  Nintendo's pics were a lot better.  So after that a lot of people stoped buying A tarry because they didn't come up with ideas. So Nintendo was happy so they wouldn't sewed from them any more. The End                     Check Out my next story The rampage of Bowser Coming Soon.  


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