mario and mapio

mario and mapio

Author: Mario bros. fan
Post Date: Feb 14, 2012, 7:58 pm
Category: Mario Related
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Tags: mario , mapio ,luigi

once upon a time there was a plumber his name was mario. one beutiul day he met a man named mapio. mapio said hello my name is mapio what is yours? he asked. well my name is mario. mario awnsered.oh do you live here? mapio asked. yes.mario awnsered back. why did you come here? mario asked. well i came here for vacation. he said. after we were going to go to new york until we saw a pipe and we decided to go in there and poof we are here. mapio said as he pointed on a map. so where do you live? mario asked. mapio pointed to kansas city. here! mapio said.kansas city? yes mapio said. are you a plumber too? yes.bye.


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