Daisy's Unlucky Day.... (Pt 1)

Daisy's Unlucky Day.... (Pt 1)

Author: Shaggy1fan
Post Date: Sep 1, 2011, 3:07 pm
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Daisy: hmm, no milk OR bread :\ betta go to mushroomson's!

Peach: where you going?

Daisy:Mushroomson's? Why yoou asking?

Peach: Last time (rolls eyes)


Daisy:Im off to Mushroomson's!

Luigi & Peach: OK!

     -At the shop-

Daisy:CHICKEN FEED!!! That looks tasty :P Ohhhhhh!!!! Toad Nappiesss, AWWWW :D 



Peach: Aha, heres the Crushed Bran Flakes!

    *Picks up chicken feed*

Peach: _-_Puke_-_

  *Flashback ends*


Peach: Now do you know why?

Daisy: BYEEE!!! :D


             -Daisy drives to the roundabout outside the shop-


Daisy: Hmmm, I think I was coming here to do something... but i forgot... I KNOW :D I'll as Rosalina!!

    *Calls Rosalina after pulling ova*


Rosalina: Hello, Rosalina here :)

Daisy: Should i go to Mushroomson's or pizza planet?

Rosalina: *SCREAMS*  -hangs up-

Daisy: She no help. I duno wat to do now...


Daisy:I KNOW, I'll go ask Peach!!! :D

     -Starts Car - Looks out window and discovers clamp -




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