super princess smash down!

super princess smash down!

Author: princess peach
Post Date: Aug 9, 2011, 6:59 pm
Category: Mario Related
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are you ready daisy as luigi rubbed daisys shoulders i was born ready punk! my opponent is going down! as the chesnut king pep talked princess eclair {WAIT DO U NO WHO SHE IS SHE IS IN PAPER MARIO AND THE THOUSAND YEAR DOOR} are you readylove asked the chesnut king  ya but how on n the name of waffels did you get meh to do this answerd princess eclair ding ding it was daisy vrs eclair daisy heard how her weegie liked liked eclair so she was mad and i mean MAD in the first second of the match daisy picked up eclair and threw her to the ground and eclar passed out XD next up was toadstool vrs daisy peach hoped on passing by her looks but daisy was still angry so she took it out on peaches face [now peach doesnt care hpow she looks anymore] peach forfeited the match cause she was upset bout her face next up was rosalina daisy cooled off finally and rosalina had her lumas chanting her on! but daisy was in it to win it so she took rosalinas hair and swung her around with it lol and slammed her to the ground  finally someone who lasted a minute in the ring with daisy lol ding ding daisy tackeld rosalina and nocked her out and daisy won the matches now she was super princess and at the end this is what she said HI IM DAISY  the end


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