Mario's Rare Star Coin (Pt. 2)

Mario's Rare Star Coin (Pt. 2)

Author: SuperDylanBros.
Post Date: Sep 11, 2017, 3:28 am
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Tags: Mario, cringe, Bowser, Yoshi, Lemmy

And so when Mario returned to Peach's castle, the Toads gazed upon his newly obtained coin. This coin was no ordinary coin; it was a star coin! A rare one! Oh!

And uh, you know, of course Bowser wants it. Because he's Bowser. And Bowser does what he wants, because he's Bowser.

Peach was amazed by Mario and Yoshi's feat. They had done what no other Mario has done before.
"Oh my wow it is big," Peach said, her hand covering her mouth.
"It sure is!" Mario proudly exclaimed.
"Yuhyuh, I felt it once," Yoshi said, drooling.

They decided they would lock it up in a vault underneath the castle grounds, fearing Bowser and his goons would come for it and their Rubix cube.

Lemmy brainstormed for hours upon hours for an idea, finally coming up with a flawless one - he would sneak into the castle, and steal all of the cake, and then everyone would be angry. So they would go out and buy another one! He would just sneak right back in and find that Rubix cube! Oh, yeah, and the star coin.
He rubbed his dirty palms together as he chuckled to himself, finally ready to bring upon his wrath!

Wait, nevermind. Bowser grounded him, sorry. 

The true end.


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