The Curse of Goomba Diaper Rash on a Baby Princess

The Curse of Goomba Diaper Rash on a Baby Princess

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This story took place oh, so many years ago when a stork carrying a bundle containing a baby girl was headed to her new home in the Mushroom Kingdom, but she was no ordinary baby, but a princess. Once the stork had reached his destination at the castle where the infant's parents reside, he dropped off the bundle at the doorstep and flew away in the moonlight. King Gustave and Queen Catherine were awakened by the sound of the crying baby, so they went to the doorstep to see for themselves and there she was, their baby princess. The parents welcomed their newborn child with open arms, so they had to decide on a name for her. "Gus, I wonder what name we could give her, something like Sylvia, Mary, or Anne?" Catherine asked her husband, but Gustave had this to say to his wife, "Catherine dear, I'd say this baby daughter of ours is quite a peach, hey, that's it, I'd say we we call our baby Peach! Would you agree with me?" Cathy replied by saying, "Oh yes, Gus, I do agree that she is quite a Baby Peach!" They comforted the frightened child by holding her, since she was only wearing a pink diaper, she was wrapped in a pink blanket, she was a little chilly from the overnight flight from the hospital where she was born the day before. Peach would be given a baby bottle containing a peaches and cream formula, so she began sucking on it right away, after all, she was famished from her journey, and the parents took turns patting her back so she could let out a burp. Later, her diaper had become soiled, so it had to come off, her bottom wiped, and she was placed in a small royal pink tub for a warm, refreshing bath. Once that was done, she had a clean, fresh pink diaper put on her, and she was fitted into a pink baby princess gown and a tiara was placed on her head with curly golden hair. The toad people of the kingdom got quite a look at the baby princess who would one day rule them, and they gave praise to her. These were happy times for the royal family, but something sinister was brewing far, far away.

At a run-down farmhouse on the outskirts of Kansas City, Kamek, the evil magikoopa was still fuming. He had tried to kill the twin babies Mario and Luigi with a deadly curse of Koopa diaper rash, but a young doctor named Mario Piazza saved their lives with his diaper rash ointment that good magic on the brothers and reversed the curse. Kamek had accidentally cursed the same rash on Baby Bowser himself, but he had chosen to set their trailer house on fire, supposedly killing themselves and ending up in Kansas City until they could rebuild their castle in the Koopa Kingdom. "Master Bowser, I now have this vision of a baby princess named Peach residing in the Mushroom Kingdom, but I do see you kidnapping her someday after she's all grown up countless times, only to be rescued by those so called super brothers Mario and Luigi, particularly Mario, so waddya think of that?" Kamek asked Baby Bowser, who then replied, "You know, Kamek, you're making it easy for me to kidnap Peachy, but I'll put down those future plumbers, namely Mario. Luigi will have his own girlfriend someday, but do you have a vision on her?" Kamek then told the young koopa infant, "I'm working on it, but I know her name will be Daisy once she is born." Bowser snapped back by telling his guardian, "Do I get to kidnap Peachy now, huh?" Kamek then replied to his young master's request by saying, "NO, you ain't ready for that, but I have something else in mind, I'm going to cast an evil curse on the newborn princess in the form of a Goomba diaper rash, but it won't be fatal. There will be pain, swelling, reddishness, and pimples on her butt that will pop with pus oozing out, which will lead to acne scars that will ruin her good looks on her bottoms. Bowser would wish to Kamek with this remark, "Best of luck in sending out the curse of Goomba diaper rash to Baby Peachy!" Kamek then proceeded to send the magic from his wand a curse of diaper rash that would ruin Baby Peach's delicate bottoms.

Once the curse reached the Mushroom Kingdom, it would plant itself into the infant princess while she was sleeping in her crib in the middle of the afternoon. All of a sudden, Baby Peach's pink diaper would become loaded with her excrements of pee and poop, along with flatulence, so she was farting, too. Peach woke crying in her crib because of her soiled diaper, and the sheets in the crib were soiled as well. The King and Queen and their toad nanny were having tea when they heard the distress from their baby princess in the nursery, so they rushed in to see what they could do for her. Oh, dear, we'll have to change your diaper and those sheets, too in your crib, so please hush your crying, little baby Peach." Toad nanny Jane said to the bawling child. King Gus would say to the baby, "That's all right, you'll be okay once your diaper is changed." Queen Cathy would then say to Peach, "Nanny will have to change your diaper and those soiled sheets, too!" The nursery reeked of urine, feces, and baby gas, but when the diaper came off, everybody was in a shock, for it is a curse of Goomba diaper rash inflicted on Peach by Kamek, with reddishness, painfiul swelling, and pimples on her butt, if they burst with pus oozing out, it would cause acne scarring on her delicate bottoms. The royal parents and their nanny were in total distress along with Baby Peach, who was now screaming uncontrollably, for the rash was so acute, it was like as if Kamek had set her butt ON FIRE! Dr. Mario Piazza, who was at a nearby tavern enjoying mushroom ale, was summoned by the toad guards to hurry over to the castle immediately, on once he got there, he responded to the baby's condition by saying, "Mamma Mia, that is that is one nasty looking diaper rash on this little bambina princess, but not as bad as the ones I've seen on those twin bambinos Mario and Luigi, but I have my diaper rash ointment along with me, so I'll have to begin treatment on her right away!" Queen Cathy asked Piazza, "Do you think it will be strong enough to work on her rash?" King Gus would yell above the commotion of her daughter, "Man alive, our screaming infant princess is driving up my blood pressure!" The doctor would ask "May I ask what is her name now?" The couple would yell back in unison, "PEACH!" Piazza would then say, "Gotcha, so here I go!" as he opened his tube of ointment, then he applied it to Baby Peach's butt by rubbing quite vigorously. "How are you feeling little bambina Peachy?" Piazza told his tiny little patient, then he asked her again "Does it feel good on your precious little bottom? You could use a little ointment up Uranus." Piazza would tell his little screaming naked patient. Peach was really going full throttle as hard as ever, but the ointment would soon have a calming and therapeutic effect on her, for the rash would disappear rather quickly, and those pimples would clear up as well, the curse of the Goomba diaper rash has been reversed by Mario Piazza, M.D. "It's a miracle, doctor, how can we ever thank you, now do I get to feel our baby daughter's butt?" the queen asked Piazza, who then answered back, "Sure you can, but you'll have to wait a little while before you can." The King would say to the doctor, "We humble ourselves before you, good doctor, you broke the spell that was cast by some evil force out there.'' The baby princess would even say her first words, "Mario, Mario, coo, coo." meaning the ointment has provided her cool, soothing relief from her diaper rash. When the doctor was finished, the baby would have a clean, pink diaper put on her, a clean gown, and clean sheets for her crib, and soon would be put back to sleep, because she was all tuckered out from her ordeal earlier. Dr. Piazza would be on his way out, en route to the Koopa Kingdom to once again confront Kamek and Baby Bowser, who just moved back there, residing in a strip joint on the seedy side of the kingdom.

Once he arrived, the young doctor made his way through the club amongst the crowd watching Koopa strippers sliding along the poles. When the doctor reached the basement, he was met by Kamek who told Dr. Mario, "Well I see I have another diaper rash victim, Baby Peach!", but he was in for a shock from Piazza who then told the evil magikoopa, "Wrong, Kamek, she has been treated for the rash you cursed on her, and the precious little bambina is sleeping comfortably right now in her crib." Kamek, quite visibly shaken said to the young doctor, "I've been foiled again, never have I been so humiliated, but I do see her being kidnapped someday by Bowser after he's all grown up after he's all fully grown!", but Piazza replied by saying, "You may think Bowser is going to kidnap Princess Peach, but Mario and Luigi will save her someday!" Right from Baby Bowser's crib, Kamek and Piazza could hear the moaning and groaning from the young prince, "I think I have a tummy ache from eating too many Koopa cookies, Kamek and Dr. Mario!". cried Bowser. "Serves you right for eating too much of those Koopa cookies, young master!" Kamek admonished, but Dr. Mario made a diagnosis and told the pair, "I'd say it is just constipation, but I can't treat it, you'll have to undo the curse on him, Kamek by giving him Magnum-Lax, the world's most powerful laxative, and it will clean your insides out!" Kamek told the doctor to leave the strip joint, and long after Piazza left, the evil magikoopa sent a fireball hurtling towards the strip joint, burning the place to a golden crisp. Kamek and Baby Bowser's whereabouts are still unknown, maybe ending up in Timbuktu!

Meanwhile, back at the castle in the Mushroom Kingdom, Baby Peach woke up crying from her long nap, because she was hungry for her peaches and cream formula, so the royal parents and their nanny brought the bottle to her and began to suck the formula right into her mouth from the bottle. "Good stuff from the baba, isn't it Peachy?", her mother asked the infant. Her dad said to their child, "You're enjoying it quite well, small princess." Once the feeding was over, Peach was patted on her back so she could let a burp once again. Dr. Mario returned to the castle for a follow-up examination on the newborn princess, and once it was over, he proclaimed her delicate butt to be free of the diaper rash which had been cursed on her earlier in the afternoon by Kamek. "We would be glad to pay you royally for your treatment of our baby princess.", Queen Cathy had told the young practitioner, who told her, "You'll be seeing a bill from me in a couple of weeks." King Gus added, "Great job, Doc, we humble ourselves before you!" Yoshi paid a special visit by telling the newborn princess, "Baby Peach, how are you feeling now? I heard that good-for-nothin' Kamek tried to harm you with that awfyl diaper rash, but Dr. Mario treated you to make you feel well again.", but Peach began crying again because she was terrified of the friendly dinosaur. "Oh my, Peachy, don't be frightened of Yoshi, he loves you and he would like to give you a ride around the castle.", King Gus said to Yoshi,"You should come back tomorrow, then we can invite the Mario and Tatanga families and have a royal celebration!" Albert and Doris Tatanga had welcomed new baby into their household the same day, named Daisy. The celebration took place the next day throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. The Toadstool, Mario, and Tatanga all gathered together in front of the crowd as they saw the quartet of those babies, who were riding on the friendly Yoshi tribe of dinosaurs of different colors. All kinds of food and beverages were being served to the crowd inside the castle, then something strange has occurred. Out of the mouths of babes come precious gems when Peach and Daisy were in the process of having their diapers changed.

Baby Mario sees Baby Peach naked, says, "Mamma mia, Peach, butt."

Baby Luigi sees Baby Daisy naked, says, "Mamma mia, daisy, butt."

Both Mario and Luigi soiled their diapers from being aroused at seeing the baby girls naked, and would soon be naked alongside them and they would all be crying. Their butts would all be wiped clean and have clean diapers fitted onto all four of the infants. Then they would all be lowered into Baby Peach's royal playpen for their naps, because they were all pooped out from their excitement, until any or all of them wake up crying for their baby bottles or further diaper changes. THE END


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