Borrowing a Cup of Sugar

Borrowing a Cup of Sugar

Author: ButtStink
Post Date: Oct 6, 2014, 4:10 pm
Category: Mario Related
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Tags: Mario,Luigi,Bowser

On a pleasant sunny day at the Mario Brothers residence, things were pleasant and tranquil as Mario and Luigi would go about doing their chores when they heard a knock on the door. "Luigi, will you go to the door, momma mia, who could it be?" Mario asked his brother, but Luigi was masturbating in the bathroom, fantasizing of his Daisy shouted back "I'm busy Mario, can you go to the door, gimme a few more minutes to accomplish something with this bathroom plumbing!". Mario was displeased at Luigi about having to answer at the door, but when he opened it was Bowser with an empty cup in his hand, asking the familiar question, "Mario, may I borrow a cup of Sugar?, for you see, Kamek has a sweet tooth and he forced me to bake a cake for him, so that's why I came over, so could you please?" Mario answered back to his longtime foe, "No Bowser, I can't do that, go down to the grocery to get your own sugar!" Bowser wouldn't take no for an answer, so he began to beat on Mario with blows to the plumber's head. Luigi, just coming out of the bathroom, was hearing all of the commotion outside of the house asked himself, "Momma mia, what could be happening to Mario?, I'd better see what's happening to him before it's too late!" Sure enough, Mario was being beaten to a pulp by the Koopa king, but Luigi came to Mario's defense by doing his super jumps onto Bowser's head, "Mario, I'm here to save you!". Mario replied by saying, "Luigi, what's taken you so long, did you drown in the toilet?" Mario joined Luigi in giving Bowser a taste of his own medicine by pounding him with a hammer. "ENOUGH, ENOUGH, you've beaten me up pretty good, now what about that cup of sugar you promised me?" Mario responded to Bowser's question by saying "ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT, you'll get your cup of sugar, so HERE I GO!!!", and instead he pulled out a cup of salt from his plumber's bag and threw it into Bowser's face as he screamed, "UWAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, I CAN'T SEE AND YOU'VE BLINDED ME AND BESIDES, I'M IN EXCRUCIATING PAIN, THAT CAN'T BE SUGAR, IT'S SALT, SO I GOTTA GO!!!" as Bowser went hightailing it away from the Mario Bros. residence. Mario turned to Luigi to ask him this question, "What took you so long in coming out here to help me fight Bowser? Momma Mia, I coulda been squashed flatter than a pancake!!!" Luigi then replied by telling his brother, "You see, I had this strange fantasy about my Daisy while working on the toilet and I know about those many times you were in the bathroom fantasizing about your Peach while you were doing your own private business!". The pair went into the house and baked themselves a cake to celebrate their victory over beating Bowser. FINIS


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