Gender and food dont mix

Gender and food dont mix

Author: SuperDylanBros.
Post Date: Sep 23, 2013, 5:26 am
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One day,a new fast-food restaurant opened,called:Koopa's Wings.Mario was starving,but he ate it anyway."This isnt half bad."Mario said slobbering.Luigi!Yoshi!Try this food!Luigi:Mmmmmmm!Yoshi:Yummmmmy!!!Then they eat it before bedtime.Peach:Ewwww!Eat some salad!"Ewwwww"...Toad said.Peach:You too?!Toad:Yeah,its good.Peach:Sorry no.In the morning,Yoshi woke up first.He looks in the mirror and sees a girl version of a yoshi.Luigi wakes up and changes...but he is way skinnier than before.Mario woke up and felt large on his chest,feeling it.What the hey?Im...Imm...Immm...A...GIRL!Bowser looks at all victims he tricked.Ha!He says:Now every boy is a girl and every girl is a boy!But i know peach didn't eat any.Thats good.Time to marry her!Stop!a little girl[little boy.]demands.Bowser:Ha,whatever!Toad woke up late as usual,and looked exactly like toadette and toadette like toad.Did we switch bodies toadette?No we changed genders.To Be Continued!In the next story you'll find out what happens to everyone!


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