Attack of Darth Vader Kirby part 1

Attack of Darth Vader Kirby part 1

Author: shockedwhite77
Post Date: May 16, 2011, 7:13 pm
Category: General Nintendo
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It was a beautiful day in Nintendoland, At the Ridleybeaten Space Center, Kirby was about to head into space to find Mother Brain's lost son, Kracko. 3...2...1 KABLOOSH! and Kirby went flying into the atomsphere like a jetpack! Meanwhile, in Mushroom Town... ''Luigi, I am going on a shopping spree.'' Mario said, ''Please watch Yoshi and Chainbuddy while I am gone.'' *grunts in background* ''OH NO IT'S THE EVIL SUN!!" ''Mario, it's time for revenge!'' Sun growled. (commercials) And now our story continues in The Orbit... ''Mother Brain said Kracko was at the Death Star,'' Kirby said. ''Probably I'll see Nova or Markz for directions.'' and flew away. *glitters and sparkly sounds* ''SO YOU WISH FOR DIRECTIONS TO STARWARS GALAXY?.'' Nova said, ''Of course, I am looking for Mother Brain's lost son.'' Kirby replied, ''TO THE LEFT, RIGHT OFF OF ROSALINA'S HOUSE, THEN TAKE THE SECOND XROAD FOR THE SLINGSHOT AROUND VENUS.'' Nova said. ''Thanks!'' and Kirby went off.


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