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One time Mario was sitting on his couch. His TV was on. He was eating a toad's head. Soon he heard a cry for help. He ran out of his house toward the castle. There was Luigi and Peach locked up in a birdcage, about to be thrown in a portal. Mario Desperately tried to break open the cage, but it was no use. He got thrown into the cage. Soon they warped. Soon, They landed on a field of tall grass. Soon, a creature with yellow skin and pointy ears walked up to them and zaps them with an electrical shock! A 12-year old kid walked up to the creature. "Pikachu!" Dont zap them anymore!" he said to the creature. Then he said Mario and Luigi, "Who are you people? You don't have anime eyes or canines or pointy noses!" Mario said, "Its a me, Mario! And these are a my family. Meet Luigi, and Princess Peach Toadstool." The kid said, "Hey, your from that one game! Im Ash, and this is my partener, Pikachu!" Pikachu said, "Pika pi. Pi pika chu chu?" They did not understand Pikachu. Ash said, "I saw a Pidgey-cage come out of that portal. Supposedly a villan threw you through?" Luigi nodded.  Ash said, "All of the villains of the world are teaming up to cram us all in a suckish video game! There is Bowser and Wart, then theres Team Rocket, and Dr Roboctik, and then there's some other stuff. And why are you here my games not suckish." Wait for part two


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