Mario's Day Off / Part 1 (Very NSFW)

Mario's Day Off / Part 1 (Very NSFW)

Author: ShortKoop
Post Date: Apr 28, 2013, 10:40 am
Category: Mario Related
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One peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario was reading Playboy magazine, Toad told Mario that Bowser is on parole, and is out to have sex with the princess, Mario got pissed and asked Luigi to save Peach, Luigi said "FUCK YEAH, AFTER THAT DAMN MANSION GAME. HOPEFULLY, THIS ADVENTURE IS BETTER THAN THAT SHIT.". Mario was happy. "Guess what, I'm gonna fuck the princess!" Luigi said. "I don't care, just save the princess." said Mario. "Okay bro." Luigi replied, "I finally get to feel what being player 1 is, for real. And not that mansion shit." So Luigi set off on the adventure. "Since Luigi is gonna fuck my lady, I'm gonna fuck his." said Mario angrily. Bowser started to spy on Luigi, "So Luigi is Player 1 this time, Luigi ain't gonna save the damn princess." said Bowser. Later that night, Mario wen't to Daisy's house. "Hello, Mario, what are you doing here?" said Daisy. "Well, Luigi is Player 1, and he's gonna fuck my lady." said Mario. "Luigi, that bitch, he dumped me for Peach." said Daisy. "Mario, can you date me." Daisy continued. "Oh, fuck yes." said Mario. At 10:00PM, Mario called Luigi, Luigi was finishing up level 1. "Hello, Mario, how is it going." said Luigi. "Fine." said Mario. "Just checking." "Okay." said Luigi, "Bye." Luigi hung up. Mario and Daisy started to hardcore masturbate. "Fuck, Mario and Daisy are fucking really hard." said Waluigi.

Will Luigi find out that Mario and Daisy are having sex, will Waluigi get revenge, stay tuned...


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