The Disappearance of Mario....Episode 1

The Disappearance of Mario....Episode 1

Author: Magette
Post Date: Jan 23, 2013, 1:30 am
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Another day at the castle....  

Peach: Wait wheres Mario? i just noticed hes been gone for A WEEK!!! 

Magette: A WEEK!?!

Luigi: MAMA MIA!! 
Magette : How in the name of the mushroom kingdom has he been gone for A WEEK?!! 

Luigi: Last time i saw him he said something about going to....BOWSERS AWESOME EMPIRE CASTLE....something like that...-Gulp- 

Magette: Wait did you say EMPIRE castle? 
...i have knots in my belly now o_O  
Luigi....mama mia -passes out- 
Peach: LUIGI! splashes water on- 
Luigi:COUGH COUGH thanks!  
So Magette  and Luigi shove off to koopa lane the path to this empire thingy...

Magette: This place is so nice..why would Bowser place a empire here?
Luigi: Mario always says with Bowser ANYTHING can happen...  -Bullet Bills start flying- 

Magette: WOAH! I think were getting close to the empire RUN!!!

-Later- Koopa: YIKES THEIR GETTING CLOSE tries to run to warn King Bowser- 
Magette: YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE! -They Enter a Battle   
Magette: I LOVE RPG Battles! -uses Hammer and whacks koopa into the sky- BYE BYE KOOPA! 

They cross a bridge and see the door...  

Magette: Shh be quiet we dont want Bowser to hear us!

The door creeks open.....TO BE CONTINUED


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