the mystery of luigies mansion

the mystery of luigies mansion

Author: mariofan123
Post Date: Jan 21, 2013, 8:37 pm
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Mario and his brother luigi invited Peach,Daisy,Waluigi,Wario,toad,Bowser,Bowser jr,yoshi,boo,toadette,shy guy,koopa troopa,goomba,donkey kong,diddykong,Funkeykong and Birdo to Mario's birthday at Luigi's mansion.Mario spent the whole day decorating the mansion.At 6:00 a.m. everyone came.They were parting hard.Wario told waluigi to come outside.Wario said"we should beat up mario so we can dance with Peach".Or we can do the exact same thing but we should beat up luigi so we can dance with daisy"said waluigi.Or we can do both! yelled wario.They went back to the mansion and heard someone scream.It came from mario's room said birdo.They all went up and saw Mario hanged.Ah yelled peach.My boyfriend said peach sobbing.Dont cry peach everything is going to be alright.I hope so said Luigi crying.who could have done this said bowser jr.It must have been WARIO!!!!!! it couldn't have been me said wario. i was outside with my brother waluigi. Who could have done it?There was blood on donkey kong. Wait why is there blood on donkey kong said yoshi.He is the killer yelled peach.Wait there is a note tied behind luigi's back.Who ever is reading this note there is a suprise in marios room ps it wasnt there before.lets go yelled luigi.When the got to marios room they saw birdo dead


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