Party Crasher

Party Crasher

Author: the Delightfully Undead Koopa
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Party Crasher



n Friday Toadette and her friends met at her house for a very special meeting. Two days later will be Paratroopa’s birthday, and the others are planning to give him a surprise birthday party!


Everyone had different things to take care of. Koopa and Koopa Krag were in charge of the birthday cake. Peach was in charge of the decorations and many more. Soon, everything was settled, and Toadette’s guests left. “See you tomorrow!” she cried out.


The next day, Toadette’s friend Dry Bones was the first one to come. Toadette and Dry Bones prepared the tables and chairs. They had just finished when the doorbell rang. It was Peach, holding a gigantic bag of party decorations.


“Hi Toadette! Hi Dry Bones!” she said, lugging the bag into the house. “Hi Peach!” Dry Bones and Toadette said, as Peach began to pick at the knot which was holding the bag shut. Suddenly… POOF! Streamers and balloons shot into the air, covering the floor, the furniture, Toadette, Dry Bones and Peach herself.


Toadette untangled a length of pink streamer from her head. “Um… this is very nice, Peach, but I don’t think Paratroopa likes pink balloons and streamers,” she said, gazing at the pink decorations around her.


“Oh, maybe you’re right,” said Peach, sighing. “I thought everyone in Mushroom Kingdom likes pink decorations. Oh well, I’d better find other decorations right away then,” she said, going out of the house.

* * *


ing dong!!! “Wow! Peach’s back in a jiffy!” Dry Bones exclaimed. He opened the door. It wasn’t Peach. It was Kamek!


“Hello! I heard you’re gonna have a party. Can I tag along? I LOVE parties!” he said loudly. Dry Bones wasn’t sure what to do because he knew Kamek wasn’t invited. “Um… I’m not sure…” he started to say, but Kamek interrupted, “Oh, pretty please please please with a cherry on top!” he pleaded. “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…”


“OK, OK!” groaned Dry Bones. He went into the kitchen to find Toadette. “We’ve got an unexpected visitor!” he said. “Kamek’s here!”


“What?! Kamek’s here?” groaned Toadette. “He’s sure to make a mess!” “I’d better keep an eye on him,” said Dry Bones, going into the living room.


Kamek was rearranging the furniture. “What are you doing?” Dry Bones asked. “Well, this room looks too tidy so I decided to mess it up a bit,” Kamek replied.


Dry Bones has never heard of anything being too tidy and was about to say, “TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF THE FURNITURE!” when the doorbell rang again. This time, it was really Peach.


“Hi! I’ve got the right decorations now,” she said, entering the house. She stopped short when she saw Kamek. “What’s HE doing here?” she asked.


Dry Bones sighed. “Making mischief with a capital M,” he said. Peach groaned and began to put up the decorations.

* * *


amek is SO annoying!” Peach hissed to Toadette one hour later. “The minute I put up a balloon or a streamer, he’d pull it down again. At this rate, we’ll never get the decorations put up before tomorrow!”


They watched as Kamek reached up and pulled down a red balloon. “There. That looks much better, don’t you think?” he said, flying down with his broomstick. “Being messy is much, much better than being tidy!” Toadette, Dry Bones and Peach grumbled softly. Suddenly, the doorbell rang again. “I’ll get it!” Toadette said, and opened the door.


“Oh, hi Koopa! Hi Koopa Krag!” she said as Koopa and his grandpa came in. Koopa Krag was holding a cake box. “Hi, everyone!” said Koopa, running right in. “We’ve brought the cake. My grandpa baked it. I helped him ice it!”


Suddenly, seeing the cake box, Kamek’s eyes lit up. He snatched the cake box from Koopa Krag. “Oh, I love cake!” he said, and ate it whole!


“AAAARRGH!!! My cake!” gasped Koopa Krag. Kamek was eating the cake so quickly that icing fell onto the floor with a sticky SPLAT! “Ooh! My icing!” groaned Koopa. “LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO MY CAKE!!!” Koopa Krag was roaring now.


“Oh, no! Kamek’s gone too far now!” hissed Toadette. Then the bell rang again. Peach went to answer it. It was Toad. He was holding a stack of plates and plastic cutlery.


His eyes went wide when he saw what was happening in the house. Kamek was riding his broomstick and Koopa Krag was running after him. The floor was covered with icing. Streamers and balloons were everywhere. “Wow! What happened?” he gasped. “It’s all his fault!” Peach grumbled, pointing at Kamek.


Toad went inside and put the plates and cutlery on the table…

* * *


oadette, Peach, Dry Bones, Peach, Koopa and his grandpa, and Toad were trying to persuade Kamek to go home when the doorbell rang for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. It was Daisy with the party hats!


“What happened?!” she asked, looking at the living room. “This place looked like as if a bomb had hit it!” “THIS IS ALL KAMEK’S FAULT!!!” Peach grumbled loudly. “HE’S THE SOURCE OF ALL THIS TROUBLE! LOOK WHAT HE DID TO MY DECORATIONS!!! WE’VE BEEN TRYING TO GET HIM TO GO HOME BUT HE IS THE MOST STUBBORN PERSON I HAVE EVER MET!!!”


So, Daisy put her party hats on the table and joined the others trying to get Kamek out of the house.


Suddenly… ding dong! The doorbell rang. Toad went to answer it. Mario and Luigi (a.k.a the Mario Brothers or Mario Bros.) and Yoshi were standing in front of the door. The Mario Bros. were holding a big plate of sausages with toothpicks poked through them and Yoshi was holding a huge pitcher of orange juice.


Kamek, who had been bored listening to Toadette, Dry Bones, Koopa and Koopa Krag, Peach, Daisy and Toad (who were still trying to persuade Kamek to go home), became energetic again when he saw the sausages and the orange juice. He rushed towards the Mario Bros. and Yoshi. Mario and Luigi yelped and ran away, trying to get away from Kamek and trying to save the sausages.


They didn’t get very far because they slipped on some icing and landed in a heap on the floor, while the plate of sausages flew into the air. It was heading straight for Toad! “Yikes!” he cried out and ran away. But a streamer tripped him up, and he fell right on top of the Mario Bros!


Meanwhile, Koopa tried to save the sausages. “Never fear, Super Koopa is here!” he shouted, rushing forward with a plate. Plop! Plop! Plop! The sausages landed on the plate. “Yeah! Super Koopa did it!” he whooped, but he also slipped on some icing. The plate flew into the air again… and the sausages landed on the Mario Bros. and Toad.


Kamek was running towards Yoshi. “Gimme the orange juice!!!” he said greedily, but then he ALSO slipped on some icing and landed face first in…Yoshi’s pitcher of orange juice. “Yum!” said Kamek as Yoshi looked at him angrily.


“Our party’s RUINED!” groaned Peach while Kamek was trying to squeeze out of Yoshi’s pitcher. “Now it’ll never be ready when Paratroopa comes!”


Suddenly the bell rang again. Dry Bones answered it. Wario and Waluigi were in front of the door. “Hello everyone!” they said, and Wario added, “We’ve told Paratroopa to come here at five o’clock, just like we’ve agreed yesterday.” “Oh, no!!!” Peach wailed as Wario and Waluigi came in. “We haven’t got anything ready yet!” “And it’s all because of Kamek!!!” Toadette added.


Suddenly they heard a SPLAT. Everyone looked at Kamek. Someone had thrown some icing at him. It was Yoshi, who looked as if he wanted to swallow Kamek whole! (He can really do that, you know!) His face looked more red than green (like Froggy!). But Kamek wasn’t angry. He was excited. “FOOD FIGHT!!!” he yelled, and hurled icing at Yoshi. Yoshi ducked, so the icing hit Peach’s pink dress. “Oh yeah? I’ll get you back!” roared Peach. She threw some icing at Kamek. Kamek jumped out of the way, and the icing hit Mario.


Soon, everyone was throwing icing at each other. Toadette threw some icing which hit Waluigi. Waluigi threw some icing at Wario, who ducked so the icing hit Daisy instead. Daisy threw some icing back at Wario, who then threw another handful of icing at Dry Bones. Dry Bones threw icing at Toad, who threw icing at Luigi, who threw icing at Yoshi, who threw icing back at Toadette. Kamek decided to throw icing at Koopa Krag. Koopa Krag wanted to get back at Kamek but missed and the icing flew to Koopa instead. But Koopa ducked and called out, “No one can hit me with icing for I’m Super Koopa!” One second later handfuls of icing began to fly toward Koopa, who yelped but couldn’t escape the bombarding icing.


Sometime later, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong arrived with a huge plate of spaghetti, and they immediately joined the food fight. Now everyone’s target was Kamek, who had caused the mischief in the first place. They thought there was no point in hitting their friends with icing, so they had all decided to only hit Kamek. But soon no one was paying attention to this rule anymore, because Kamek was hard to hit since he was flying on his broomstick.


Suddenly, in the middle of the food fight, the doorbell rang. Bowser and Bowser Jr. were standing in front of the door. They had brought a plate of French fries. They were hit with icing smack-dab on their faces right after they entered the house so they joined in. Then Dixie Kong and Birdo also came with a plate of mashed potatoes with broccoli and cheese. They also joined the food fight.


Sometime later, the doorbell rang again. An icing-covered Toad went to answer the door. “Oops,” he mumbled. Paratroopa was standing in front of the door!


“Wow! What happened here?” Paratroopa asked. After saying a hasty happy birthday, Toadette explained, “We were going to make you a surprise party…” “But Kamek ruined it!” Peach added. “So, should we give him a punishment?” asked Dry Bones. “Not yet, I love food fights!” chuckled Paratroopa, and he joined in!


After that, they cleaned up the living room (Kamek did the yucky jobs, such as cleaning up the icing on the floor) and had a real party this time!



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