Super Mario Halloween Bash

Ok, so this game doesn't have the best graphics around but man is it fun! This halloween game is a bit different to our Super Mario Flash halloween edition but it is just as cool! First off you can chose between 4 characters to take on this spooky Mario quest, the kids from the mushroom kingdom shoot fireballs but Donkey Kong and Bass each have their own special bullets.

I believe The official story of this game has something to do with us getting transported to Halloween World and we have to save Mario (even though he is a playable character) from Dracula and collect all the lost Mushroom Kingdom loot along the way...sounded cool to me!

Make your way through the levels but make sure you complete all the tasks! Question mark blocks will give you helpful tips throughout the game too! Enjoy this Super Mario Halloween game!


Mouse - Click ok on pop up boxes
Arrow keys - Move
Up Arrow - Jump
Space - Shoot

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