Mario Flash Games

Mario Flash Games are a great way to enjoy your free time! There are times when you just can’t get to your NES but you need a Mario fix, and that’s where we come in, here you can play super Mario games. Here is a collection of Mario Flash games for you to play online in your web browser. Mario games are just awesome!

I’m always on the lookout for new Mario games, so if you have a game that you don’t see here please let me know!

Mario Games

The next best thing to dusting off your old Nintendo console lies beneath! Some of these flash remakes and unique pieces are even better than the real thing! Since the dawn of Mario we have spent countless hours jumping over goomba’s, rescuing fake princesses and dodging cheep cheeps so it is only natural that there will be times in your life when you need your Mario fix but you just can’t make it to the lounge room! This is where Mario Mayhem hopes to help you with our (growing) collection of Online Mario Games!

Mario Star Catcher 2 A Super Mario World themed game, collect the coins and catch the star.
Super Mario Bros
A Super Mario Bros. flash platformer, similar to Mario All Stars Super Mario Flash 2 Violent goomba explosions anyone?
Mario Bros 3
An obscure hand drawn Mario level Mario Kart Extreme Mario takes his go kart down town
Mario Rampage
Mario takes his shot gun for a round in the mushroom kingdom Mario Rush Arena Jump on as many enemies as you can in the time provided
Mario Sunshine A fantastic Mario Sunshine flash game Infinite Mario The best java Mario clone I have seen so far!
Mario Same Game A fun javascript game where you have to try and finish the game in as little moves as possible Hungry Mario
Guide Hungry Hungry Mario around eating all the coloured dots in the quickest time possible
Mario Video Poker Wager a bet from 5 dollars to one thousand. Deal out the cards, select which to keep, and (hopefully) win! Mario level 2 The second level of the obscure hand drawn Mario series
Mario Time Attack Lakitu has kidnapped princess Peach, you have to help Mario run against time and bring her back Make Mario Up A Mario dress up game where you can change his clothes etc.
Super Mario Mushrooms Catch all the Mushrooms you can without dying! Mario Time Attack The original Mario Time attack, not the remix. Enjoy the original take of the game.
Super Mario Flash A remake of the original Super Mario Bros. The goal is to simply collect coins and jump on koopas Super Mario World Slots A Super Mario World themed slot machine, unlike the real things you have unlimited coins with this game!
Super Mario World Flash This is a cool, rather large, flash game with a few levels. Based on Super Mario world it has the classic sprites! Super Mario World Revived I can't seem to go past a Super Mario world remake! Here is another tough little game that uses SMW sprites.
Sonic in Mario World I know what you are thinking "not another super mario world clone!" But this cool SMW themed game features sonic! Mario Bros Pipe Panic! This is pretty much a pac man clone except Mario themed! You can play as Mario or Luigi.
Sonic Lost in Mario World Sonic is lost in Mario World again! This game is a little rough around the edges but is still a really fun remake! Super Mario Flash Halloween Edition This is a cool halloween version of the classic Super Mario Flash game series!
New Super Mario Bros Flash This is a cool little flash game that uses sprites from the New Super Mario Bros on the DS. Super Mario Moto An awesome little Mario Motorbike game that is very addictive!
Tuper Tario Tros This is an awesome mashed up game that is a combination of Tetris and Mario. Mario Combat This is a very fun and very well made Mario Flash game. Mario takes a more hands on approach to taking control of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Super Mario Tetris A cool little Mario styled re-make of the classic tetris game. Super Mario World fans will enjoy this one. Super Mario Crossover This is probably the best Super Mario Flash game I have come across! Just like SMB1 except you can play as different characters.
Super Mario Racing Tournament This is an awesome little flash game that recreates Mario Kart to some degree! Check it out! Super Mario 63 Super Mario 63 is an awesome Mario flash game! It is half Yoshi's Island, half Super Mario 64. The graphics and detail are amazing!
Mario Overrun This is a Mario shooting game where you have to defend your castle from various attackers! Bowser Ball 2 Dodge the dodge balls thrown by 4 Bowser's!
Super Mario Hopscotch Keep on jumping! Bounce on top of enemies and don't touch the ground! Twisted Mario Bros A fun strategy game where you have to hit certain objects to progress through the level.
Super Mario Christmas Gifts This game has some very nice graphics! Help Mario collect presents and hit some enemies with a hammer along the way! Mario Stacker Stack up some classic Mario images in increasingly more difficult levels!
Mini Mario Mini Mario may only be a few levels long but it has some real potential! Dodge the spiny's and collect some coins! Mario Zone Collect the coins and shoot enemies with fireballs. You know you want to play this!
Mario Paint This is a great Jezzball style game that incorporates Mario Enemies and items! Mario Jungle Adventure Collect the fruit and dodge enemies as Mario finds himself stuck in the Jungle!
Mario Jet Ski Mario on a jet ski? Sure why not! This game is actually really cool, the controls are just as you imagine. Mario Express Mario behind the wheel of a tractor, you know it's going to be fun! Deliver the mushrooms to Market!
Duck Hunt This is a fantastic flash remake of the NES classic! Enjoy getting your revenge on the dog also (game type D) Luigi's Manion Flash Game This is a remake of the classic Donkey Kong game only featuring Boo and Luigi! Rescue Mario, if you dare!
Mario Land This cool little flash game is a kind of tribute to SMB3 I think! Very fun and well made! Mario Castle The terrifying sequel to the previous Mario Game, Mario Land! Same layout, more fun!
Suoer Mafia Bros Mario can shoot bullet o bills as a gangster in this Godfather inspired Mario remake! Mario Lost In Space Guide Mario safely to the landing platform without hitting the asteroids!
Mario's Adventure This awesome little Mario Game features sprites and sounds from SMW and has great game play! Paper Mario World This cool flash game features Paper Mario sprites and allows you to use a hammer!
Classic Mario Bros flash game This is a flash remake of the classic Super Mario bros battle game! Snowy Mario Shoot snowballs at your foes, collect coins and items and try to save the princess along the way!
Super Mario Battle This is a sort of pac-man-but-not styled game! Very fun and also is a 2 player game! A Koopa's Revenge One of the coolest Mario Fan Made flash games I have seen!
Mario Fruit Bubbles Ready! Aim! Fire! Line up 3 or more fruit bubbles in a row and try and get through the level! Super Mario Connect Connect up matching cards in this Mario strategy puzzle game!
Mario Snow Dodge Wario in his Car and avoid Wart from SMB2 in this beautiful Mario Flash Game! Name That Mario Song How good is your Mario Knowledge? Could you name the game if we name the song?
Super Smash Flash Looking for a smash bros flash clone? Look no further than this amazing Mario flash game! Super Mario World Hardcore Want to take on Bowser's minions with a giant spanner or a rocket launcher? This is the game for you.
Super Mario Rambo Bros Need some more firepower in your Mario Games? How about sniper rifels and AK47's? Super Mario Halloween Bash Transport to the Halloween World and Save Mario from Dracula! Pick from 4 characters!
Mario Ghosthouse Need a fix of Super Mario World ghosthouses? Check this game out for maze madness! Super Mario Star Scramble Looking for a realistic Mario experience? This well made flash game is about as vanilla Mario as it gets!
Peach's Pitch Peach is our hero this time! Float around and throw turnips at shy guys! Super Mario Star Scramble 2 The sequel to the first awesome game! Another excellent Super Mario Bros flash game clone!
New Super Mario Mario gameplay but this game is a bit quirky! Enemy snails, collecting apples...still great fun though! Super Chick Sisters Colonel Sanders and Pamela Anderson in a Mario flash game featuring 2 chickens made by Peta? What the heck?
Super Mario Bounce Guide a bouncing Mario through a level to the green star. Sound easy? Give it a try! Super Mario Power Coins Dodge the bad guys and collect the good things in life like coins and mushrooms!
Mario Islands Flash Game Play as Mario or Luigi in this side scrolling adventure! Super Mario Strikers flash game Love Mario Strikers? See how many times you can bounce the Soccer ball on Mario's head!
Mario Soundboard Amuse your friends or annoy your neighbours with this cool Mario soundboard! Super Mario X Collect crazy mushrooms and turn into Hulk Mario in this Mario flash game!
New Super Mario World 3 Another Super Mario World flash clone but don't roll your eyes yet! Give this a try! Super Mario World Cape Glide A helicopter/infamous worm game clone, Mario style! Guide Mario through the obstacle course!
Super Mario Bomber Blow up your opponents before they blow up you! A very fun (almost bomberman like) Mario game! Yoshi Egg Launch Looking for a Yoshi styled Angry birds clone? Look no further!
Baby Mario Looking for a classic kind of Mario Platformer flash game? This one comes pretty close! Mario Cart 3D Ever wanted to race with Mario in a shopping cart? Here is your chance!
Mario Moto Stunts It's Mario on a motorbike, doing stunts....what could possibly go wrong? Charlie The Duck Not quite Mario but I guarantee you will enjoy this amazing classic Mario-like-platformer.
Super mario Star Scramble An amazing (and Spooky) Super Mario Bros clone added for Halloween 2012! Gangster Bros Super Mario Game Load up your Shotgun/zapper and shoot those baddies! Duckhunt meets Super Mario Bros!
Mario Puppets Flash Game Not quite tetris, not quite Dr Mario...enjoy this Mario puzzle game! Super Mario Truck Flash Game Help Mario drive his truck and cargo safely through each of the 12 levels.
Mario And Sonic Zombie Killer Flash Game Tower defence just got Mario-fied! Shoot zombies, buy new guns and upgrade stuff! Super addictive! Mario Bike Challenge Flash Game Race on motorbikes against mushroom kingdom friends and blast off with nitro!
Mario Zeppelin Flash Game Just when you thought you had seen it all, Mario is piloting a Zeppelin! Angry Flash Game He's back with a cannon and he is Angry! A little bit of an Angry-birds-ish clone to this one.
Super Peach Blast Flash Game An amazing platformer featuring Peach kicking some tail! Super Mario RPG Wariance Flash Game An incredible fan made Super Mario RPG styled game! Must check out!
Flappy Mario and Luigi Flash Game A flash Flappy Bird clone featuring Mario and Luigi! Mario Shoot Zombies Shoot bouncy fireballs at zombies! Do it! It's fun!
Super Mario Racing Flash Game A really fun 2D side scrolling flash version of Mario Kart! Super Mario Racing Flash Game A sweet Bomberman clone only Super Mario-fied!
SMAS and SMW Flash Game Play the original SNES classic in flash game form! Mario Great Adventure 2 Flash Game Fun times to be had by all with this little Mario platformer remake!
Super Smash Flash An EPIC must play smash bros. clone, guaranteed fun! Mario Bubaboom Flash game Shoot enemies in bubbles in this Angry birds styled Mario game
Mario Bubaboom Flash game Collect hearts and save Princess Peach in this flash platformer. Mario Tractor Flash game Deliver Mushrooms on a tractor. Standard stuff!
Mario tower defense Flash game Place Mario units and defend the Mushroom Kingdom!