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The Three Kingdoms (my fan-fic)
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Question The Three Kingdoms (my fan-fic)
Here is a fan-fic that I started writing. It involves three kingdoms that are at war and one of the kingdoms is the mushroom kingdom. The other two kingdoms don't have to do with Mario. They are like Halo armies. This is mostly supposed to start out silly and then as it gets deeper into the story, it gets more serious.

Chapter 1: The Beginning - Part 1

Hundreds of clones marched out of the Mushroom Kingdom. All of them were carrying spears, but the spears were not needed as much as their skill. Mario stood in the castle watching them through the window.

"Well," Mario turned around to his wife, Princess Peach. "Luigi and I are not going to be taking a big risk anymore just fighting alone. Thank you again for the clones, honey."

"Anything for you," Peach smiled. "We need these clones now the most. The other two kingdoms are so much more threatening than almost anything you have faced."

"Yeah," Mario said. "Bowser is nothing compared to them."

Luigi walked in the room. "Hey, bro." He walked toward the window and his mouth dropped open. "We have a clone army?!"

Mario looked at Luigi in disbelief. "You're kidding, right? We've been gathering clones for two weeks!"

"No, I would've known," Luigi laughed.

"Oh my god," Mario mumbled as he walked away. "Why are you so oblivious?"

Luigi and Peach stood there.

"I think that I'm going to go see how the clones are doing," Peach nodded heading downstairs.

"Wow," Luigi stared at the window not paying attention to what Peach said. "We have a CLONE army!"

Yoshi sat at the dining table apples into his mouth. Mario heard the crunching sound of the apples as he walked downstairs. Just from hearing the noise, he knew it was Yoshi. Mario wanted to surprise Yoshi just for a little joke. He walked down the stairs slowly so Yoshi wouldn't hear him. Then, Mario leaped from the stairs and landed in front of Yoshi. "Boo!"

Yoshi suddenly swallowed the whole apple and there was a big lump in his throat. His eyes widened. Yoshi was choking.

"Uh, oh," Mario gasped as he ran behind Yoshi and squeezed Yoshi's chest. Yoshi still kept making a choking sound. Mario let go of Yoshi and swung his hand back. He then slammed it on to the top of Yoshi's back and Yoshi spit out the apple covered in saliva.

"Sorry about that," Mario mumbled as he watched Yoshi breathing heavily.

"That's alright," Yoshi whispered, "but sometimes I think that you are going to accidentally kill someday."

"Yeah right," Mario laughed. "I'm not the stupid one here. Luigi is."

"I know you're not as stupid as Luigi," Yoshi said. "If he rode on my back all the time, I'd be dead, but remember the time that I tried to jump from one cliff to another and I wasn't going to make it and you jumped off of me and made it and I fell down the trench?"

"That was an accident," Mario assured.

"Yeah," Yoshi rolled his eyes. "And if I die because of you, you'll just say, 'It was an accident.'"

"Look who's getting all smart now," Mario said as he sat down on the couch. "You never get all smart."

"It's a new day," Yoshi said picking up the apples from the table. Mario turned his head and glared at Yoshi like he was doing something crazy. "Yoshi, are you still going through puberty because the mood swings are reaally acting up, or are you a person who is not Yoshi?"

"I just didn't get any sleep," Yoshi sighed.

Luigi ran down the stairs excited ad faced Mario. "Did you get cloned? The clones look exactly like you!"

"No," Mario smacked his hand against the forehead. "The do not look like me. They are way shorter, they have lighter hair, they have bigger eyes, they have a bigger nose, their eyes are brown, they have a wider face, their moustaches are black, they wear a teal hat and teal clothing, they wear purple overalls; yeah, they look like me."

"Well," Luigi cocked his head back and forth. "They still look like you."

"Really," Mario said. "Even after all that I have told you, they still look like me."

"Okay," Luigi said. "I was just excited because I thought you got cloned and I wanted to know if it hurted or not."

There was a knock on the door. Mario got off of the couch and opened it. There was a clone with a red bandana on his head. That indicated that he was the captain.

"Sir," the captain reported in a deep voice. "I have sent some clones over to the base. Are you planning on being at the base?"

"Yeah," Mario replied. "We'll be at the base tomorrow. Make sure we have about 100 clones stay here to guard the castle."

"Yes sir," the captain said. "Would you like any refreshments?"

"What?" Mario raised an eyebrow. "No thanks, but you are just a soldier. You are not my servant. You don't need to really serve me as much."

"Yes sir. Would you like a backrub with that?"

Mario thought for a moment. He knew he could take advantage of this, but he didn't want to really take advantage of it.

"Sure," Mario decided. "I'll be up in my room."

The next morning, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi had packed their bags and they were ready to go. Peach, Toadsworth, Toad, and some other toads stood at the entrance as they said goodbye. Mario pulled Toad over to the side.

"Now listen," Mario whispered. "I want you to take good care of Peach."

"That's my duty," Toad smiled. "I always do duties."

Another toad let out a small giggle. He had heard the conversation. He covered his mouth with one hand. "Do duties," he imitated.

Mario kissed Peach and Toad shielded his eyes. Peach was definitely not happy about Mario leaving.

"Be back soon," she said calmly. "This isn't your war. You didn't start it."

Mario picked up his bags packed with food, water, fire flowers, and other weapons. He hopped at the back of a hovercraft with Yoshi. A clone was in the driver's seat and Luigi was in the passenger seat. Peach stood at the door.

"This is one of the few missions you have where you don't have to come after me," Peach laughed trying to make herself feel better. Mario smiled back. They locked eyes as the hovercraft zoomed away.

Peach still stood there her eyes wet with teers. Toadsworth and Toad stood beside her.

"Well," Toadsworth said cheeringly, "they do have the clones." The three turned to the side and saw a clone guarding the castle and pacing back and forth. He tripped over nothing and fell straight to the ground.

Toad looked back up at Peach nervously. "Hey, it takes skill to trip over flat surfaces."
I hope you guys like it so far. The first two chapters will be introductions to the kingdom and I could only get to the mushroom kingdom in the first chapter.
12-29-2011 07:10 AM
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