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The UML is a category for levels.
You can find some level editors, so get them and make levels, submit them, get rates and when one gets five rates it will be moved to the level museum on the desired category, when one is bad it goes to bads, when one is great it goes to greats. And when they are moved, they could be moved again to higher places if they get more higher rates.


Select sides like:
and more...
You should select four one and they should be very compatible with the level so you can't select Scenery if it has higher scores on other sides.
On one side the rate should be 1/5
And when you add them the maximum is 20/20 and the minimum is 4/20
When one rate has 0/5 rates, report them. That's not allowed

When one gets 4/5 it will be deleted because it was a horrible level
When one gets 6/8 it will be moved to bads
When one gets 9/12 it will be moved to average
When one gets 13/18 it will be moved to goods
And when one gets 19/20 it will be moved to greats
And if one was a classic level, it will be moved to classics
And even more categories...

Remember to add UML Mod usergroup. The colour should be brown, it's a bit related to the Yellow Mod colour wich should be changed later.
08-24-2010 10:30 AM
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