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You know when you have those REALLY good dreams, and all of a sudden you HAVE to get up. Well, from my dream, I've got an EPIC picture of a cave for my story!! That's right! A cave! And below the bridge across a DEEP cavern, just at the start, there's a secret hole. You jump into it, and you come out at the bottom of the cavern unharmed! Then you REALLY have to explore to find the boss, I made this guy up, Boss Bomb Bro. He's big, he's fat, and he throws big Bom-ombs at you! Gotta kick him in the back to damage him, and yes, he can pick you up and throw you into the lava below. But you're probably wondering "How do you get there?" Well, there's a shaft into it, you slide down, and there's a tunnel, walk into it, and on a platform, there he is. There's a bridge to the platform, once you get on the platform, the bridge collapses into the lava. Once you kill him, rocks you have to balance on come up on the other side, then, at the end of the next tunnel, there's a painting of Bowser with Bomb-Ombs in front of him. So how was THAT dream?

[Image: niBsV.gif]

As I'm probably dead to the community, the place I've been hanging out on is right here
07-14-2009 11:09 PM
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