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Mario Timeline?
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Question Mario Timeline?
WHOA, I actually thought of something to post again! I wonder how many people will even see this XD anyways, yes I'm blurting out more Mariology stuff... warning: this post is crud-buckets full of my mindless rambling.


For series' like LoZ, there is a direct and plain timeline - it is logically shown that one game preceeds or follows another game, regardless of their order of release; and that's pretty cool.

I've always kind of wondered how the Mario series might fit together in a timeline - I mean, sure, there are plenty of non-canon games and probably a few that could only fit with parallel universes etc, but considering there's so many games in the main storyline (and my obsessive need to fit continuity and ense into the Marioverse) it's always been in the back of my head while playing. And I wonder this because the adventures that Mario goes on, and the characters that are met, and the relationships around main characters might have different meaning if given a temporal context.

- It's fair enough to say that Yoshi's Island is first in the timeline (I cannot think of a place to put Yoshi's Island DS).

- And then comes Donkey Kong, closely followed by stuff like DK Jr, Wrecking Crew, etc. Mario Brothers being the obligatory end of the line regarding the original arcade games.

-Super Mario Brothers was the first adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom, it appears generally accepted, but stuff gets hazy from thereon - SMB2 and SMW seem like they'd occur some time after SMB1, because you don't go for a holiday/have a picnic in the middle of nowhere with people you've barely met XD

- It seems arbitrary, considering Mario Galaxy 1 cannot be placed on the timeline, but as I understand it, Galaxy 2 is a direct follow-on, so there's that.

Other things I thought about for a while is that maybe the characters' interactions may give some kind of non-specific, touchy-feely kind of idea about whether a game is in the early or late part of the series. For example, there are games where Mario and Peach are very much involved and obviously paired off, while in others, they're moreso friends, or they're less connected - the latter of which I assume to be earlier on in the 'timeline'. In some games, Bowser is very childish and more of a silly character, while at other times he's more brutish and serious - I honestly can't think of whether he changes from serious to playful or vice versa, because Bowser's psyche (from the little I know of it) is reasonably complex. In some games, the Mario Brothers are more well-known by people in general - this would lead to the assumption that it's later on in the game, or it's set shortly after one of the bigger adventures.

I don't even know where to begin with the Koopalings and Bowser Jr, and the different powerups in the MK at any time also seems like some kind of indicator - just a really confusing one, I guess.


Yeah, I know I overthink all this jazz, but it sure as hell beats forum inactivity - you guys got any thoughts or idea on this topic?

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