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Full Version: NEED INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!
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Hi everyone. I've run out of ideas for stuff to draw, both Mario-related and normal! If I had a scanner, I'd put some of my creations up here, but I can't, so...
So, has anyone got any ideas? I'm not a very good drawer, but I can still try.

well, look through DeviantART and maybe some fanfiction? or maybe next time you have the radio on, try and relate it to something you like to draw - provides a lot of context for a potential pic Smile I can't really suggest much without knowing WHAT it is you really wanna draw, and I'm guessing you might not know that yourself.

so yeah just talk to people, read, listen, watch, keep trying to brainstorm until something comes up Smile just be really aware of everything iaround you - hope that helps
Try to draw a silly phrase, or a favourite character, or something in your neighbourhood, perhaps? There's inspiration all around, I think, sometimes you just have to look hard for it. Smile
Go outside
Play a video game (doesn't have to be mario)
watch videos online
watch shows
watch movies
go on image hosting sights
ask for inspiration

That's my 2 cents. Also I noticed you had 8 explication points in you title, I for one don't take people seriously when they do this, please change it.
Music always gives me inspiration. :b
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