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Full Version: The most Mad Mario you will ever see.
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Oh my god, the paragoomba is HORRIBLE and Mario doesn't look as mad
(07-16-2010 11:46 AM)Mario102 Wrote: [ -> ]Mario is takin over the world now,you Anti-Mario Son of a Koopas. =D

haha! I love the character of your drawings! It would be awesome if you could make some comics some time Big Grin
This is nice, seriously. I'm not trying to criticise anyone, but I've seen worse.

Once again, nice work.
it feels like he will punch me if i try to talk to him stay away..........
i have seen madder mario then that one! anywho... good jooob. that was very cool drawing! what did you use to draw him? microsoft paint?
Oh no! Were doomed for good! *screaming*
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