Super Mario Bros 3 Cheats

Ah Super Mario bros 3, a true classic in most gamers minds. There is something about this game that has captivated a generation as it is still considered by many as one of the best games ever made. Originally released in the states in 1990 Super Mario Bros 3 fast became one of the video game industry’s bestselling titles! Heck, this game even featured in the film “the Wizard” before it was released in the US (which probably also contributed to it selling so well). I’m sure some of you will laugh but I actually remember my parents paying $90aud for a NES cartridge of SMB3, it was one of the happiest days of my life…maybe if I hold onto the game for long enough it will become a historical item and I can sell it for $90 again, if I could ever part with it.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Super Mario Bros 3 cheats! Once you have played through the game once it can be fun to try and work out what cheats the creators may have added or glitches they may not have fixed. Although this isn’t a game walkthrough as such hopefully this page will be able to guide or walk you through some cheats for this classic game.

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Mario Mayhem

28 P-Wings – Most players know this "cheat" but if you pass super Mario Bros 3 and then watch all of the end credits when you start the game again your inventory will contain 28 P-Wings! Handy, no?

White Blocks – In a few SMB3 levels you come across white blocks in the background. If you hold down whilst standing on these blocks for 5 seconds (so Mario is crouching) you actually disappear behind the scenery for short periods of time. This is also used to find warp whistles…it’s a cool cheat!

Different thanks’ from the kings – When you conquer the airships you are thanked by the kings! Try passing the ships with different costumes on. If you wear a Tanooki, hammer bros or frog suit you will get different messages from the kings!

Warp straight to level 8 with whistles – Ah this is a classic SMB3 cheat! Firstly, you will need 2 warp whistles (covered in a minute). Toot on the first whistle to send you to the warp zone that lets you select the first few levels. Whilst you are on this screen use another warp whistle! This will send you to the bottom of the warp whistles screen and you can select world 8.

How do you get the warp whistles in super Mario bros 3? Well, in truth they are actually pretty easy to get once you have played the game a little! Here they are, in order:

Level 1 – 3 – Make your way through the level but towards the end you will see a white block. As listed above you can crouch on white blocks for 5 seconds and then fall behind the scenery. Once you are behind the scenery run to the end of the level (you will go behind the end goal). You should end up in a mushroom house with a whistle.

Level 1 fortress – This one is a little trickier to explain. At the end of the first room you will come across a question mark block and a dry bones. The question mark will contain a raccoon leaf, use your tail to knock out the dry bones. You need to run and then fly over the top of the level and to the right. Once you land go as far to the right as you can and then push up on your directional pad to enter a room. Once in this room you will find a chest with a whistle inside.

Level 2 – get them hammer bros – You will have to fight some hammer bros on this map to get yourself a hammer item. Once you have this you need to go to the very top right of the level 2 map and use the hammer on the rocks blocking your way. Fight the hammer bros in this hidden area and you should get yourself a 3rd whistle!

In case any of this sounds too confusing here is a little video showing where the 3 whistles are in Super Mario Bros 3:

White Mushroom Houses – These are cool little houses that only appear if you have an exact number of coins in the right levels.

A White Mushroom House in worlds 1,3,5,7 have P Wings.
A White Mushroom House in worlds 2,4,6 have Anchors. 

Levels and required coins: 
1-4 (44 coins) 
2-2 (30 coins) 
3-8 (42? coins) 
4-2 (22 coins) 
5-5 (28 coins) 
6-7 (78 coins) 
7-2 (42? coins)

N-Spade Card Game – Most people would have seen this spade card game appear, usually around level 2. As a single player you need to acquire 80,000 points and defeat the level that they over took that 80k point mark.

Infinite lives in super Mario bros 3 cheat – They say a picture says 1000 words, so I will just leave you with this video that shows you some simple techniques to get infinite lives in SMB3:

Super Mario Bros Bowser Cheat – This is more of a glitch than a cheat but it’s really cool none the less! In SMB 3 only the top part of Bowser can hurt you! This means it is actually possible to run through Bowser as small Mario without getting hurt. Even as big Mario you can duck whilst Bowser tries to stomp on you and not get hurt!

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