Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Game Genie Codes

Hello friends it’s Tim here again from Super Mayhem, Awhooo, and boy howdy do we have some fun install for you today! As per popular demand it seems like you guys wanted to see some Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island stuff, so who am I to deny what the people want? The fact that it is also one of my favourite games of all time is purely coincidental, I swear. So what are we going to do with it? Well the title of the video probably gave you a hint, we are going to game genie this baby into oblivion with all the cheats I can find! This is actually the first Super Nintendo game to be featured in our “Game Genie Hijinx” series, so that’s pretty cool on it’s own. Anyway if you love Yoshi and hate Baby Mario crying then be sure to smack a big fat like on this video, share it with your friends and of course subscribe and ring the bell if you are new to the channel and love video games! With that all said let’s see what we can break!

So before we get into the actual game genie codes, there are a few awesomely fun glitch/hack you can do without any peripheral mayhem, that you just have to try!

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Game Genie Codes

I know we have all wanted to do this at some point whilst playing Yoshi’s Island, and that is to actually eat baby Mario. Sure it might border on some weird cannibalism but since you are playing as Yoshi I think it’s ok. On level 5-5 (Goonie Rides!!), make sure you have a +10 or +20 star item on board and head to the area where you can turn into a helicopter and prepare for some good timing. Let a goonie hit you so Mario flys into a bubble and wait until the timer for Mario hits 0. As the timer hits 0 jump, lick Mario to retrieve him and in the same jump hit the helicopter bubble. The toadies will still come for Mario even though you are in helicopter mode so the moment they pick him back up you have to hit start and use one of your star items to increase the Baby Mario timer! If you do this right Baby Mario will be floating around whilst you are flying around! From here you can make contact with him to send him into a mini bubble and when your helicopter power up ends you will even be able to eat the little bugger and turn him into an egg! Now you can run around, baby free! If this isn’t some cosmic justice for those damn annoying tears then I don’t know what is!

Yoshi's Island Crying Mario

Another fun thing to try is If you carefully approach the boss Navel Piranha of level 3 you can actually fire an egg to take him out before the battle even begins! If you manage to get him Kamek even fly’s in and expresses his surprise before jetting off.

Yoshi's Island Audrey Little Shop of Horrors

Interestingly in the German version of Yoshi’s Island this boss is actually called "Audrey" in reference to the Little Shop of Horrors.

So those are pretty cool and all but now onto the actual Game Genie-ing I guess!

I think as always it’s best to start with the official game genie Galoob codes as some of them are not only cool but they can also be extremely helpful. Such as the code C2EE-649F which will give you infinite lives! A pretty handy cheat if you are doing some extreme mode of the game where you can’t collect red coins or something. There are a few other lives related codes that can help, these range from D9B7-0023 to start the game with 5 lives, all the way to the code 17B7-0023 which starts you off with 99 lives. There isn’t much else to say about these other than they are helpful. Similar to these you can enter the code DC36-010D so when you Continue you start with 5 lives, all the way to 1736-010D which lets you continue the game with 99 lives. In my opinion these codes are a bit redundant, but they do exist so it’s worth mentioning.

If you enjoy the sound of Baby Mario crying and you don’t want your star timer to go down when you get hit then the stock standard code C23F-ADDD will do just that for you, naturally this is super helpful as it’s just about impossible to die in the game, but you do have to put up with a crying baby so it’s not the best trade off.

For those that don’t know, with emulation you can actually download a completed version of Yoshi’s Island and load it into your game. However if you don’t want to do this, or if you are using hardware then the game genie code CB69-006D + 3069-00AD Will be super helpful for you as it will have all the levels in the game completed with 100%! This is like an ultimate cheat really as you can freely play any level you want!

A similar but less complete cheat is CB8A-64D5 + 108A-6405 + 3C8A-6465 which will make any level you pass be complete with 100 points, even if you didn’t collect everything! Take that hidden red coins or missing flowers!

Having said that, the code C2C8-A465 will actually always show you red coins and even any hidden items after you have used the magnifying glass making that 100% completion quite a bit easier to obtain even if you take your time.

If you are like me and are a bit stingy with your item use then try the code 1D26-AFA1 with this bad boy in play any Power-ups you use don’t actually disappear, giving you infinite items as long as you have them collected! This is a super handy game genie code for sure.

The last few default codes focus on the red exclamation marks and how long they stay active. With cheats like D98A-AF7B the red button press will stay active for over twice as long as usual! This can be useful in some situations where hidden arrows are exposed for you to duck down into or if you need to run on activated blocks.

Baby Mario and Yoshi

And that about wraps up the official game genie Galoob codes, some are awesome, some are just a bit helpful but one things for sure, they do exist and are game altering. Let’s take a look at some non-standard codes cheats now shall we!

Let’s start with what is possibly the best ever game genie code for Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. The code 44A0-672B will disable baby Mario from crying! Praise be to the hacking God’s for coming up with this gem! I think we have all wanted to mute those wales at one point or another during game play! The alert noise still plays but it’s better than nothing.

Do you want to take your eggs to the next level and create a new weapon? Why not try the game genie code EE82-DD0E when this is in place, stand still on a level surface and throw an egg directly upwards! This rogue egg will now float in place and actually kill any enemy that comes into contact with it! Pretty sweet, Yoshi just got a new weapon! It’s also easy to make different coloured eggs this way if you want to cheat a bit further!

There is another interesting game genie code for Yoshi’s Island and that is DD32-6DAD which will supposedly make your star timer always go up! Unfortunately it seems a bit buggy as first try my stars increased by 1 and then the next time the star timer was just always on screen and didn’t even get back to 10! This might have to be one you try yourself.

If you still want to play around with the stars then the cheat code B93D-AF0D may be of interest to you! With this bad boy in play the star timer doesn’t even decrease when you get hit! This is a super handy cheat as it basically makes you invincible to some degree.

Further to the official game genie lives codes there are some fan discovered ones like EEB7-0023 which will start you off with 255 lives! There is also the complimentary code that is EE36-010D which just let’s you continue with 255 lives. Like the original codes there isn’t a lot more to say about these other than they are helpful and do exist.

A more useful life code is C2EE-64BF which not only gives you infinite lives, but it even starts you at the middle ring once you die! That’s right, you don’t even need to get halfway through the level to get half way through the level...if that makes sense.

SNES game genie box

I thought I’d save one of the wackiest codes until the last one we will cover, so with that said enter into you game genie the cheat EEA8-6DD5. This code is simply known as “Strange backgrounds”, which is fitting given what it does. When you are in a level just pause and then un-pause the game, now the backgrounds will turn black and everything on top of them will be kind of transparent! It’s a pretty awesome code aesthetically and also probably one of the more game breaking of the cheats we took a look at in this video.

Anyway that’s it for today my friends! I really hope you have enjoyed hacking Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island with me! It’s one of my favourite games so I would really appreciate It if you could whack a big fat thumbs up on this, subscribe if you are new, leave a comment below and of course share it with your other Mario or video game loving friends! And that’s it from me I’ll catch you soon!

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