Super Mario RPG review

More Information about this SNES classic can be found here.

A wonderful game! Perhaps one of the greatest Mario titles ever. This game was the only 3-D Mario game for SNES, (that I have found), and was the first Mario role-playing-game.

Mario Mayhem

This game created some great Nintendo characters, (unfortunately, most of the new characters from this game have never been put in another Mario game.) The zany characters, and great places to explore make this game a definite favorite. The game's plot is very interesting, as it tells of "Star Road", (a road in the sky that grants all wishes), is broken by a mysterious character named Smithy, and Mario must restore this road.

To summarize, fast-paced RPG setup and good storyline make for a great game. One of my few 10 out of 10's.

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