Super Mario 64 review

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In the beginning of the 64-bit era, everything was dark, then Mr. Miyamoto said, "Let there be Mario!", ha ha ha.... "chirp chirp chirp", I digress.

Mario Mayhem

On a serious note, Super Mario 64 is another Mario title that is viewed by many fans as perhaps the greatest Mario game of all time.

This was the first full-fledged three dimensional Mario game, and this new depth was utilized spectacularly. Fans to the series and newcomers alike saw an awesome game with completely new controls and movement. It is safe to say that this game changed home console Mario games forever. The plot was not very developed, but that only adds to the overall style of this game, being more of an action-based platformer than anything else. The cape, mushroom, and fire flower from Super Mario World was now replaced by the invisible, metal, and wing caps, which, (in order), allow Mario to pass through objects, makes Mario sink in water and he becomes invincible, and finally, the wing cap allows Mario to fly.

An exquisite game through out. A 9.5 out of 10

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