Mario Bros Nes review by Bosley

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This game has pretty memorable graphics that was still in other versions(like SMB DX for GBC, and Super Mario Bros for GBA)and will still be remembered.


The gameplay that spawned Mario\'s popularity.Without this game,Mario wouldn\'t be as popular.So,the gameplay spread to others like Super Mario Bros 3,Super Mario Land 1 and 2 etc.


The music in this are very memorable espically in some of the levels was popular like music in 1-1,1-2 etc.


It had secret blocks(contains multiple coins, mushrooms,flowers,stars,and a beanstalk)and 3 powerups. Mushroom=Mario ---> Super Mario Flower  =Super Mario ---> Super Fire Mario Star    =Invincibility for a little while.


The game was polished by coins,8 worlds,4 lvs each,the 3 powerups and the secret passages.This game was good even for a early NES game.


This game was good,it even was remaded 2 times so far(SMB DX 1999 GBC,SMB 2003 GBA)and it's gameplay was spreaded to others(SMB 3,SML 1 and 2 etc) and was maded a NEW SMB for DS in 2006.This game was it's main man of Mario. Additonal Comments are: SMB is one of the best games

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