Mario Golf 64 review

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Mario golf was the second, (to my knowledge), Mario golfing game, (NES Open features Mario on the cover...but you can't really see who you are playing as). It was released for the Game boy Color, and the Nintendo 64, (I am reviewing the game on the Nintendo 64).

Mario Mayhem

Mario golf is a colorful game with nice, innovative settings. (I call these settings innovative, because they allow for normal trials in any game of golf, sand-pits, wind, water hazards, etc., while still looking like a setting straight out of the Mushroom Kingdom.)This game has some interesting characters, which do not appear in the series again, such as Sonny, who appears to be quite a normal humanoid in appearance, rather than an over exaggerated cartoon character like Mario or Peach. Although there are some characters that are Nintendo anomalies, the normal Mario series characters are also selectable, (Mario, Luigi, Peach, etc.).

In conclusion, a fun game if you enjoy golfing games, I personally do not, a 4 out of 10.

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