Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

Released: January 21, 1994

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 is a platforming video game developed by Nintendo on the Game Boy in 1994 . It is the first video game to feature Wario as both a playable character and the main character, as well as the first appearance of Captain Syrup and her Brown Sugar Pirates, a common villain of Wario's. Despite the Super Mario Land 3 subtitle, Mario has very little to do with the game.


Wario Land features a theme of greed remarkably different from almost all of Nintendo's other franchises- it is the first game Nintendo has made where the main character's cause is decidedly selfish. There are no princesses to save, no world in peril. There is only one goal- for Wario to earn as much money as possible, in an effort to buy his own massive castle and make Mario jealous. The larger the cash total Wario has collected at the end of the game, the better house (and ending) that Wario will receive.

The " Super Mario Land 3" subtitle links the game with the popular Super Mario Land 2 ; however, the rest of the games in the Wario Land series are not connected to the Super Mario Land series. The game also increases its replay value by including a large hidden treasure chest in most levels. The chests (which can only be accessed by finding a special key placed elsewhere in the level) contain special one-of-a-kind treasures, which would each add a considerable amount to Wario's coin total at the end of the game.

Despite being billed as Super Mario Land 3 , Wario Land bears little resemblance to its predecessors, featuring a larger emphasis on "brute force" action and less on puzzle-solving. Wario Land borrows the system of themed Worlds from Super Mario Land 2 , but arranges them in a linear route; this allows the game to feature a difficulty curve absent from its non-linear predecessor.

Wario's basic movements in this game reflect the considerable difference that he has from Mario. The most notable difference in gameplay is that Wario (being much tougher than any of the characters on Kitchen Island) doesn't take damage from merely touching an enemy; if he bumps against a foe he instead will knock it over and can carry it. Indeed, in this game Wario can only be damaged or killed by falls, sharp spikes, projecticles or lava.

Movement is also noticeably different from prior Super Mario Land installments. Whereas Mario's jumps are lite and precise, Wario's moves are more brutal and blunt. For example, Wario carries over his shoulder-charging body slam move from the prior game- wherein he smashes any nearby enemy clear off the playing field. Wario is also able to crouch, and slowly crawl in a crouching position. He can also jump while crouching, to reach small gaps above the ground. If Wario has at least 10 coins in his possession, he can pull a Large Coin from his pocket, and use it as a throwing weapon. Doing this costs 10 coins, but Wario can pick up the coin after throwing it.

In addition to his basic move list, the game features a variety of caps that act as powerups for Wario, giving him new abilities. In his "normal" form, he wears a pith helmet . The Jet Cap makes Wario with almost twice as much speed as normal, and allows him to fly for short distances. The Dragon Cap shoots flames from its nose (and underwater shoots a limited beam) Finally, there is a Bull Cap that gives Wario even greater strength, a longer shoulder charge distance, the ability to hang on to the ceiling with the horns and the ability to do a "butt stomp" which allows him to smash blocks with his weight and shake loose things buried in shallow ground. When Wario takes damage, he shrinks in size, does not wear a hat, and can't do his body slam move. If Wario takes damage while he is small, he'll lose a life.


Spoiler warning : Plot and/or ending details follow.

Rice Beach - The game's first area, a large beach, as its name would suggest. Most of the area is strewn with various pirate property, such as crates and barrels with a skull stamped on them. After defeating the first boss and leaving this area, Wario will discover that high tide has come in if he returns, changing certain levels so that he can find new things in them.

Mt. Teapot - A giant, teapot-shaped mountain. Its insides are filled with lava, suggesting that it is a volcano . Its "lid" actually floats above it, apparently being a creation of the Syrup Gang and not a natural part of the mountain. The game's only secret area, Sherbet Land, is accessible through this area.

Sherbet Land - An ice world, only accessable from a secret exit in Mt. Teapot. From the map screen, it appears as if this area is shaped like a monster's face. This area is notable for the enemy characters that have been permanently frozen into its walls and floors.

Stove Canyon - The game's lava area. Nearly all of the stages are filled with lava, making travel in these areas somewhat tricky.

SS Tea Cup - This area consists of not only the pirate's ship the SS Tea Cup, but also the surrounding beaches and waters. As such, a good deal of it bears some similarity to the Rice Beach area.

Parsley Woods - A large forest, with several train tracks running through it. Many of the stages take place in or around the area's very large trees. Others take place on the trains, as they are moving.

Syrup Castle - The game's final area, and the headquarters of the Syrup Gang. Shaped more like a tower with a skull at the top than the more traditional castles seen elsewhere in the Mario universe. Beating each stage in this area will demolish a bit more of the castle, until the entire thing has been torn down, revealing the Princess' statue inside.


After beating the final boss, Wario escapes the collapsing castle with the boss' Magic Lamp, and finally receives the statue he has sought after in the game's storyline, only to have it stolen back by Mario in a cameo appearance . However, Wario uses the Lamp to conjure a Genie, who will give Wario a house based on how many coins the player has collected overall. In ascending order of how much treasure is required, the six houses that can be obtained are as follows:

  • Bird House
  • Hollow tree trunk
  • Log cabin
  • Pagoda
  • Castle
  • Planet
  • Note: Wario must receive over the limit of 99,999 coins (with all 15 treasures helping accumulate this amount) in order to receive his own planet.