Have you heard anything about Grate Guy’s Casino? No wonder, as this is the secret of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The casino itself is open only to owners of Bright Card.

Do not worry, there is another secret enter through … Bean Valley. Here, the legendary Mario must find the pipe and defeat the terrible Chomp Chomp. After that, the character jumps 3 times to activate a secret platform that will transfer him to another room. If this seems too complicated then ask the sleeping toad that shows the way. After such a journey, Mario will find a fee slot machine. Having set the necessary bet, he will click on several chests that stop at the same symbol each time. After each victory, the gamer receives a coin.

Blackjack is another game available in that casino. The rules are classic, so the participant (and dealer) need to get a combination close to 21 points. Check out the unique “Look the other way” game. The rules are simple, all you need to do is to choose a direction to face and get the Star Egg.

Mario Land

Another casino is not far from Mario’s castle. Here the player can receive bonuses/gifts by choosing a pipe that is connected to a specific slot machine. Having paid 30 coins, Mario chooses a game with fiery flowers, carrots and mushrooms. The cost of the second game increases to 50 coins and the player receives 1UP/3UP extra lives. If Mario has 200 coins then he can activate the 3rd game (5UP/20UP).The final round is the most expensive as it costs 999 coins offering 50UP/99UP. Any of the 4 games will be stopped when the witch icon appears on the screen.

Super Mario Sunshine

At Isle Delfino, you will find a beautiful four-star hotel located on the southwest side. Mario likes this place, that is why he comes here for Shine Sprites. Suddenly ghostly Manta attacked the island and covered it with a large electric ring. As a result, the luxury hotel and all its guests have disappeared. Of course, Mario will fight with Manta. Thanks to the strength of the hero, the hotel returned to its place. Looking for Sprites, Mario will fight with rivals, look for portals to move to another room and look for ways to bypass the security system. Adventure at the hotel ends with an epic duel.

The developers have implemented new ideas, so the participant cannot traditionally leave the luxury hotel. You can only leave the hotel using the “Exit Area” or Shine Sprites. By the way, the hotel consists of 2 basements and 4 floors. On the ground floor, two guest rooms, a fruit stand and a reception are located. On the next floors, the player will find only pantries and several rooms whose doors can be locked. The hotel is equipped with a modern automatic locking system. So, it exposes metal shutters blocking stairs between floors.

Overall, the hotel is beautiful. It has bars, a spa, shops and so on. Looking from above, you will see that the hotel is designed as a Nintendo GameCube controller.

The Casino in Delfino

So, the Delfino game room offers 2 jumbo games + a tile set that you need to pour water on. Other games that give coins through Ground Pound. Big bright roulette is the center of a luxury hotel.

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