Mario is undoubtedly the legendary game which is still being played by game lovers. Since the release of recent Super Mario Odyssey, the craze has certainly increased further. There is a historical significance for Mario Games, and the new release Super Mario World 2: Yoshi Island is considered as the best and engaging.

There are many other Super Mario games that one should play and explore the world of Mario. One cannot imagine the world of games without Super Mario Bros and so gamers keep waiting for new games but if the price is your concern then use vouchers from Bydiscountcodes and keep the Mario fever going.

Let us check some of the best Super Mario games you must download and play:

  1. Super Mario Bros (1985)

This was a tribute game to Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Texzuka and definitely the most famous game. Although it won’t be dynamic as the recent games are, but is still played by many. Even today people on Smartphone play this game for fun. The best part of this game is the theme composed by Khoji Kondo that gives one more reason to play.

mario monopoly

  1. Super Mario Galaxy (2007, Wii)

This game is about relentless and wide-eyes invention having dozens of disparate elements. Moreover, this game is visually appealing and offers chance to jump off the edge of a tiny planetoid that will allow you to gaze on the orbit like a mustachioed satellite.

  1. Super Mario 3D Land (2011)

This 3D release from Mario is about the space where Mario’s return to the space results in bumpy landing. Although the game lacks the visual coolness and freewheeling invention of Wii U successor, but it still managed to get millions of NSMP players. If you want to play this game, then you should play with stereoscopic slider up.

  1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)

This sequel to the earlier version, Galaxy 2 has enough ideas to warrant the number in its title. The game is quite like second man in space, but is the other guy who is still remembered. This sequel to the first was praised for the fun theme it offered and was played by millions of gamers globally.

  1. Super Mario 3D World (2013):

This new 3D game was widely praised for the graphic effects. Widening platforms and narrowing gaps made this game the ideal one to play for parents with kids. The throwing of the shacklers, while giving you the less room is what made this game much engaging.

  1. Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

This newest Mario game is full of adventure and is built upon the groundwork of 64 and sunshine which refines the sandbox structure and augmented movement of the latter. From musically stretching caterpillars to elastic-legged onions, there are small and large characters that make this game worth playing. The game also offers some athletic challenges for those who want to showcase their prowess.


There are number of games presented by the Mario and with the time and taste of gamers changing, Mario games are also changing with times. Evolving and engaging, it is a game that will never let one get bored and makes one reminisce childhood.

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