The much-respected Edge magazine has rated Mario Odyssey an almost unheard of ten out of ten. For those who have been living under a rock, Edge is a multi-format magazine about video games, published in the UK, with 13 issues each year. The preview of the game has Super Mario Odyssey being described as, quote unquote, the spiritual successor to Mario 64!

Super Mario Odyssey Joins an Elite Band

The Nintendo adventure, scheduled for release on the 27th of October 2017, joins the cream of the crop in terms of titles, including Halo: Combat Evolved, the Last of Us, and Half-Life 2, in receiving a perfect score from this respected publication.

Another Switch game was the last one to receive a ten-out-of-ten from Switch, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and, to put it in perspective, this magazine has awarded less than 20 perfect scores to games in its entire 24-year history. It’s often focused on flops and it takes a lot to impress the experts, and it looks like Mario Mayhem has done just that.

The preview for Super Mario Odyssey likens it to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, stating that it is an innovative entry in an established series that disproves its age, thanks to energetic invention. The preview adds that this game takes big risks with an established formula, and they all pay off well. Players enjoying online casino games are going to be spoilt for choice when Super Mario Odyssey gets released later this month, and may well need to switch their focus.

October 27 Release for Nintendo Switch

This game has been eagerly awaited: we haven’t been able to dive into the Nintendo landscapes with new stuff since the GameCube!  While Super Mario Odyssey has been created in the mould of Sunshine and Mario 64, it is a cheering love letter to the very best games created over the past 25 years. Exploring three of the worlds has left me convinced that this is yet another moustachioed masterpiece.

A Mix of Classic Mario Titles

Players who enjoy the Mario/Nintendo experience will quickly connect with the déjà vu that Super Mario Odyssey present. It feels like a mix of all the best parts of all the greatest Mario titles.

For starters, unlike 64, you don’t get to choose before the fun begins. There is one main objective in Super Mario Odyssey that you need to complete in order to open the subsequent map area, but you aren’t limited to this. There are many other tasks to not only discover, but accomplish.


Collect Those Power Moons

The focus of Super Mario Odyssey is you stockpiling Power Moons. The cute crescents power Mario and Cappy’s ship to visit different worlds. Cappy is the new companion in the form of Mario’s hat, with the power to be flung and so take control of objects and enemies. In the same way of the Stars, Power Stars, and Shines that have gone before, there are plenty of Power Moons to Collect, and it is super fun to find them.

Every one of the kingdoms was a joy to explore, and I am not afraid to admit to a sort of instant obsession in terms of collecting them. Look out, players, Super Mario Odyssey is something special, and is going to blow you away!

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