There’s been some seriously creepy and scary things left in video games over the years. Here are our top 10 of the most frightening ones to date and rest assured these spooked quite a lot of people when they were first discovered.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – The Watchers

This one is a little bit creepy and probably spooked a number of young children that played the game. In the Shiverburn Galaxy things are little be tougher thanks to lava pits and black holes ready to eat Mario if he gets to close but that’s not all there is. On the cliffs in the background there are strange figures watching you… silhouettes with distended arms and huge eyes just staring at you. It’s a little unsettling and as a bonus the code in the level names these mysterious creatures as “HellValleySkyTree”.

hell valley sky tree

Bit Trip Runner 2 – Slender Man Stalker

This is one of the most adorable platform games out there which is why it makes it so much worse that Slender Man is in the game. He lurks in the background of the Bush Wacky level and actually follows you as you go through the level as he chases his latest victim. Slender Man can be seen in the background 4 times in the level and each time he gets a little bit closer to you.

bit trip runner 2

Luigi’s Mansion – The Hanging Shadow

This ghost infested Nintendo game has a little trick up it’s sleeve which apparently is just a bug but either way it’s still pretty creepy. After defeating the Area 3 boss, Luigi answers some calls in the telephone box and during the call there’s a flash of lightning. The shadow that displays on the wall is distorted and it looks like Luigi is hanging from a noose attached to the ceiling.

luigismansion hang man

Pokemon X & Y Ghost elevator girl

Players have seen a strange ghost girl in Lumiose City. If you enter a certain building and go to the second floor not only will the music stop playing, the screen will flash several times. A girl with no walking animation appears behind you and walks past the player then says “No, you’re not the one…”. She then vanishes. In the hotel of the city there’s a woman with the same character model who says “Don’t talk to me…if you do, I won’t… hear the elevator”. Pretty creepy stuff.


Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing TVs

Two rather lovely, cute and child friendly games but they both have a rather dark and sinister secret to them. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf if you turn the TV on at 3:33am you will see a pair of eyes staring back at you… an alien with red eyes, broadcasting some kind of message which we hope is a nice, friendly one.

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town also has the same kind of easter egg but this one is even more sinister; if the TV is turned on a 4:44am one of two things will happen. In the US edition the game will just crash but in the Japanese version the word “shi” flashes all over the screen, in Japan “shi” means “four” however it also doubles for the word “death”. The easter egg was changed for the US version as it made no sense without the cultural context.

GTA V ghost of Jolene

Tales of a ghost women in the GTA series have been heard before but this one is actually true. At the top of Mount Gordo between 11pm to 12am a ghost of a woman appears and when approached the ghost vanishes. She can be seen clearly through a sniper rifle and has a petrified face. On the rock she floats over is the name “Jock” written in blood. The name refers to her husband and he was the one who murdered her: the story is that, Jock wanted to leave the area to pursue his dreams of becoming a stuntman however Jolene wanted to stay to care for her parents… in the end while they were out walking, Jock pushed her off the cliff where she fell to her death. He was never charged with the murder and her death was labeled as accidental.

GTA V ghost

The Witcher 3 Weeping Angels

There are plenty of sidequests in The Witcher 3 and one of them takes Geralt to Velen, after completing a particular mission the player can go back to the scene for a bit of an Easter egg. Notice the statues move If the camera is turned away from them, and the statues rotate to look at Geralt. These are not ordinary statues of angels; they’re Weeping Angels. One of the most horrible creatures that has ever come from Doctor Who. These creatures sneak up on their victims and touch them, doing this sends that person back in time then they consume the lifeforce from the life they should have had. It’s some pretty creepy stuff that players may not even notice right away.

Witcher 3 weeping angels

Gameboy Camera: Who are you running from?

The Gameboy camera was able to take some low resolution images of the world, it looks pretty basic now but in its day this was very advanced. There was also options to edit the pictures taken on the handheld. It also included some mini-games such as an RPG with a turn based system and it was a little darker than players were expecting. In the combat there is a “run” option which may sound like an innocent option at first but it’s really not, pressing this button can bring up creepy and scary images taken and edited from the Gameboy photos with the message “WHO ARE YO RUNNING FROM?”. Extremely nightmarish for the poor kids who played the game.

gameboy camera

Black & White 2 : The voices

The God game Black & White was an interesting one with some creepy sounds in it; a ghostly voice would occasionally say words at random such as the word “death”. That’s not all it would say however. The voice actually calls names out; there’s a long list of common names that are logged into the game’s code. When a villager dies, the “death” whisper is played. When you start the game and name yourself, if you have a common name from it’s database the game will respond and occasionally play the whisper. It will mix your name in with the other creepy whispers including the word “death”. It’s kinda spooky and extremely creepy if your name is on the list.

black and white 2

Xbox dashboard ‘haunting’

The original Xbox had a bunch of ambient files that were programmed to only come out at a certain time; if you were to start navigating the dashboard right away the sounds would never come on but leave the menu running along for long enough the sounds and voices would start to play if enough time had passed. The audio would also play at different volumes randomly too without any prompting. Apparently a lot of the ‘haunted’ audio was actually public domain NASA transmissions that were modified to make them unrecognizable. Whatever they were, they terrified those unlucky enough to hear them or the even unluckier people who woke up in the middle of the night to these noises.

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