Get out your game boards, family lawyers and wrist straps because it’s time to blast back to the first game in the Mario Party series with these 6 facts, Easter eggs and regional differences!


Number 6 – Game Sales

As of December 31st 2009, the original Mario party had sold over a whopping 1.9 million copies! This places the game at number 20 on the best seller list for the Nintendo 64!

Number 5 – Pedal Power Remix

Take a closer listen to the background music of the mini game “Pedal Power”! It is actually a remixed track from Super Mario Bros. 3 called “Ice Land”


Number 4 – No Game

Using the Gameshark one is able to unlock an interesting feature that went unused in the game. After a round of dice rolling madness has passed, the heads up display can turn yellow with the words “no game” appearing before moving onto the next round. If it was the last round of the game the message “Game over” would simply show before going onto the regular ending. If this had have made the final cut it definitely could have changed the gameplay! Imagine how annoying it would be to only need a few more coins for that mini game star on the last turn only to have end up having no mini game!

mp_unused_game_over mp_unused_no_game

At Number 3 we have – Japanese Release

Even though some of the games voice clips are actually copied from the Japanese version of Mario Kart 64 for all regions of the game, there are still some odd distinct differences between the Japanese release and the version the rest of the world received!

In the Japanese release, Luigi and Wario both had different “Miss” lines! Both would exclaim “Oh, my God” in the Japanese version but this was changed to “Doh, I missed” for Wario and a drawn out sigh from Luigi in the Western version.

The NTSC version of the game also had another sound track called “Move to the Mambo” that featured in the 2 mini games Musical Mushrooms and Balloon Burst.

The mini-game Face Lift also is has some changes with a different background in the Japanese version! The wording “Super Koopa 64” can be seen in place of the familiar “Super Bowser 64” from the Western release.

MP_faceliftJPN MP_faceliftUSA

Number 2 – Cut Mini-games

Hiding amongst the game’s data are 5 unused mini-games! The names for these cut games are All or Nothing, Same Game, Yoshi’s Tongue Meeting, Bungee Jump and Tour de Mario. Whilst they aren’t all complete, using a GameShark some of them are actually playable!

mp_unused_game_tour_de_mario mp_unused_game_yoshis_tongue_meeting mp_unused_game_all_or_nothing mp_unused_game_same_game

And finally at Number 1 we have – Mario Party Glove?

I somehow had a feeling that I wasn’t the only one to injure my hand whilst playing Mario Party! Due to some of the mini games requiring you to rotate the joystick as fast as possible, gamers took to using their palms for that extra bit of speed. This resulted in people getting burns, blisters and cuts on their hands and ended up costing Nintendo thousands of dollars after lawsuits were filed by injured gamers! As a result of this class action lawsuit, Nintendo gave away free “Mario Party gloves” to anyone that purchased the game, in an effort to combat the potential damage! This lawsuit also caused the removal of such mini games in further releases until the recent Mario Party: Island Tour on the 3DS, which has a safer to rotate joystick!

mp_hand_hurts mario_party_gloves

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