This update is for those of you that haven’t been following our Mario Mayhem Facebook page!

I like to share some funny or interesting Mario pictures from time to time on the FB page, but I realized that this is no reason to exclude them from Bowser’s blog!

To make things a bit more interesting is a compilation of the latest added funny Mario pics from our FB page!

This duck hunt dog gives me nightmares…he is defiantly the reason shooting games have made people more violent!

violent video games duck hunt dog
Am I the only one that gets decorating ideas from this incredibly awesomely decorated Mario Pipe?
mario pipe decoration

We have had Mario Soda can walls before but I think this one is my favorites!

mario soda wall

Come on Mario trolls, fess up if you did this! It’s the classic “There is a warpzone down that pit” joke!

mario trolls

Mmmmmmm Mushroom cookie

mushroom cookie

This is so true! I still remember which pipes you can go in and I am 25 ๐Ÿ˜€

remember which pipes to go in

As if you do not want one of these amazing Super Boys! These things actually exist and you can buy them!

super boy snes console

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