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Happy valentines day everyone! I hope that you have been busy exchanging cards and awkward romantic glances with one another! If you haven’t already had a chance to tell someone you appreciate them then why not use one of these cool Mario valentines day cards? For good measure I also found some Donkey Kong and Zelda inspired valentines day imagery also!

valentines mario

(Click to enlarge these next 3)

valentines mario 2

valentines donkey kong

valentines duck hunt

valentines link

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Xeno is the man today and has sent me a link to this amazing super Mario sketch featuring Mario and a piranha plant!

Here’s my tribute to those fun days of mashing that A and B button until I had what we labeled NINTENDOITUS.

I’m sure we can all remember those days (or we may still be living them…)! Either way, enjoy this fantastic Mario Bros tribute sketch!

(Click to enlarge)

mario bros sketch

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